What happens if Amber Heard wins the trial against Johnny Depp?

Since 2016 Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp they have fought in court, each one proclaiming themselves as victims of domestic abuse from their divorce and 6 years later, in the middle of 2022, the ex-partner faces each other in court again, this time it would be Depp who would file the lawsuit for defamation of the actress Aquaman with a ray of hope to recover the career that he once had and that now seems to be a distant dream after being fired from the roles of Grindelwald for the spin off saga of Harry Potter, fantastic animalsand its iconic Captain Jack Sparrowof the franchise Disney of Pirates of the Caribbean, which for several years has made him lose millions of dollars, according to his statement, where Johnny also alleges that Amber Heard had extremely violent rudeness, to the point of having cut Depp’s finger after throwing a glass bottle at him or the controversial occasion where Heard allegedly defecated on the bed where they slept, blaming the dogs for the act. This is how on May 27, 2022 the jury will rule on her verdict, which raises the question: What happens if Amber Heard wins the trial against Johnny Depp?

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His reputation wouldn’t change much

After losing several lawsuits since 2016, Johnny Depp’s career has been greatly diminished, from the aforementioned firings, to the point where various studios and sponsors have refused to work with the actor of Pirates of the Caribbeanin addition to his reputation, as countless media outlets have pointed to Depp as a “woman beater” and although the tide of this court seems to be in favor of the artist, in case he were to lose, it is quite sad to accept reality, because nothing would really change much, since Johnny’s reputation would fall a little lower, but his fans they have remained loyal to date and will surely remain by your side no matter what happens.

I would have to pay the 100 million

In the case of this lawsuit, Amber Heard responded to Depp with a counterclaim demanding 100 million dollars for ruining her reputation and making her lose several roles, so the first thing that would happen is that Johnny would have to write this huge check that would surely leave him quite economically depleted.

What if Amber Heard wins

Johnny Depp fans would be furious

The reality is that during these hearings Amber Heard’s statements have stood out for being inconsistent, she has even been discovered contradicting herself and has been caught lying in court, being an extremely weak defense, where it is even noted that the actress’s lawyers They find themselves kicking and drowning and if she were the winner, Johnny Depp’s fans would surely be very verbal with their discontent and could even attack Heard on social networks, perhaps to the point of causing the closure of their profiles in different applications.

He would eventually get up and be able to return to acting

Johnny Depp has been very clear that he will not return to play Jack Sparrow, however, he could eventually return to the ring, perhaps by staying low key for a while and eventually returning to acting, as we have seen cases such as Robert Downey Jr that ended their careers and after a while, they returned with unforgettable roles, as happened with RDJ when doing Hombre de Hierro.

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What happens if Johnny Depp wins the trial against Amber Heard?

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