The unexpected reaction of a teenager who was next to Angelina Jolie in a cafeteria in Ukraine

The teenager ignoredó  to the actress Angelina Jolie who enteredó  to a café  from Ukraine.

The teenager ignored the actress Angelina Jolie who entered a Ukrainian cafe.

Angelina Jolie was in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, as UN ambassador. There, in addition to holding some meetingsstarred in a very particular moment when appearing in a cafeteria and the sequence soon went viral.

In the video shared on twitter you can see the 14-year-old ignore Jolie when she enters the restaurant and not realizing that many people asked for photos and autographs.

Julian was listening to music and checking his social networks when the actress entered the premises. She didn’t even deign to look up from her cell phone. “I sat at the table, heard someone speak English and thought it was an American Instagram celebrity”he said in statements to a local media.

Along the same lines, he added: “Then I realized that I was a celebrity, but I didn’t find out who it was. She’s actually very beautiful, and in the movies she has so much makeup on that you don’t recognize her.”

In turn, the young man stated: “When I got home, my mom showed me a video that our neighbor shared with her.And it was already popular. It was like a waking dream. All apparently real, but as if you could also wake up and everything disappears.

Of course, as usually happens in these cases, the material did not take long to travel through social networks and the opinions of the users were immediate: “The boy at the table takes calm to a whole new level”; “When you’re born in the 2010s and you don’t know who Angelina Jolie is”; “How cute how the boy looks at her phone, without noticing her. So typical of boys” and “Boy ignores Angelina Jolie due to her being sucked into the cell phone. modern society on display”, were just some of them.

Angelina Jolie in Lviv, Ukraine (AP Photo/VEduard Tomilchenko)

Angelina Jolie in Lviv, Ukraine (AP Photo/VEduard Tomilchenko)

The arrival of Angelina Jolie in Ukraine

Days ago, another video of the actress went viral in Ukraine, and it also toured social networks, although for a very serious reason: I was looking for shelter when the anti-aircraft sirens began to sound. In the footage, a woman from her team is heard telling the person recording the sequence to please stop doing it. Moments before the evacuation, Jolie had met with children affected by the war and visited hospitals and NGOs that help the wounded and displaced.

The Oscar winner has been committed to the war in Europe for a long time. At the end of March, she paid a surprise visit to Ukrainian children admitted to the Bambino Gesú hospital in Rome and did not hesitate to convey his concern about the uncertain future facing.

I pray for the end of this war. That is the only way to stop the suffering and the flight from the conflict zone. It is horrible to see that children pay the price, in lives lost, health damaged and traumatized”, he declared after the visit.


Angelina Jolie, evacuated from the Ukrainian city of Lviv due to an air raid alert

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