The terrible accident that Will Smith suffered in a Defender

The American actor lost control of a Land Rover in the middle of the desert and was about to suffer serious damage. He reads on and knows the rest of the story.

The last public appearance of Will Smith was in the new season of the program presented by David Letterman ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ which premiered last week on Netflix. In conversation with the legendary American television presenter, The one born in Philadelphia recounted an episode that could be decisive for the rest of his life.

According to the words of the protagonist of ‘Bad Boys’, on an introspective trip to Peru, he underwent a spiritual treatment based on a drink that caused hallucinations when ingested. Smith recounted that this experience revealed to her a daunting future in which her successful career was collapsing and her bank accounts would be emptied as quickly as a snap of the fingers.

What was not part of his story was about some event that put his life at risk, something that did happen several weeks ago when he had an accident aboard a Land Rover Defender in the middle of the desert. In the video that she posted on her personal Instagram account, where she amassed more than 64 million followers, Will is seen crashing this $70,000 machine into one of the desert dunes.

The sequence was immortalized in a video that has been the talk of his millions of followers and that would not have gone over well at the British manufacturer’s headquarters. This Defender is one of the most luxurious trucks that the off-road market offers and it does not generate good publicity to see one of its models stalling in the middle of the desert.

This car began production in 1983 until 2016. The massive success of its first models led the British manufacturer to improve performance in future updates, something that reached its peak with the Defender that good old Will left stranded and exposed in front of to millions of viewers.

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