Johnny Depp: portrait of an actor under suspicion | on video

In the court of Fairfax, in Virginia, not only are 50 million dollars (almost 48 million euros) at stake for Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, but also the actor’s behavior and personality are questioned. The sessions end this Friday with the final allegations and with an uncertainty: is Johnny Depp narcissistic? In the video that accompanies this news several witnesses and experts question the personality of the Hollywood star.

This same Monday, a parade of expert witnesses testified in favor of Amber Heard, saying that Johnny Depp’s behavior has traits compatible with narcissism. Among them, the psychiatrist David Spiegel spoke in favor of that theory: “the fact that (Johnny Depp) thought that Mrs. Heard was in debt to him and that she only wanted to be with him because of his fame, is one more example. of it”. The doctor further noted that the actor’s narcissistic behavior is common in batterers and that Heard’s actions were symptomatic of battered wife syndrome, which the psychiatrist says is a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. On the other hand, people who were once close to the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, such as his ex-lover Ellen Barkin, called the actor “jealous” and “controlling”.

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