how to create them, use them and change the color to your liking

The thing is about beds in this new Minecraft guide. Here I will tell you how to make this object that many of us like so much in real life, how to use it and most importantly… how to change its color because sleeping with style is better than merely sleeping.

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Beds in Minecraft: rest in style

Beds are one of the basic elements of Minecraft. It has two very important uses: set a respawn point in case of death and rest during the nights to skip the “night phase”. And how can you make it? Its recipe is simple, although you need to make a small sacrifice sheep (of sheep).

  • x3 Wool Blocks
  • x3 Wooden Blocks (of any type)
minecraft bed 1

Making a bed is simple, but customizing it is another story. The colors black, brown and white They are the easiest to obtain, since the most common sheep are those that give those colors. If you want to aspire to get any of the thirteen variants (16 total with the previous ones) you must use dyes. To do this, you must place the dye next to the wool and you will get the wool of that color, then make the bed.

minecraft bed 2

Once made with the color you want, you can decorate it in many ways. The Minecraft community has come up with everything from double beds to real (king) beds to bunk beds. Below you can see some examples.

minecraft bed 3

One last detail: the beds turn into TNT when using them in the End and the Nether. So much so, that many players have killed the Enderdragon based on bed explosions. If you have a good herd of sheep, you have more arsenal than all of Russia.

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