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Many of today’s great artists have been working since they were very young. These talented women appeared in our lives as child prodigies and continue to conquer us today. Children’s television programs, series, songs, movies… They continue to succeed in everything they set out to do, now as women of international success.

Some of them began by participating in children’s competitions or talent shows and, on the occasion of premiere this Thursday of the new season of The voice Kidsin MagasIN We wanted to remember the impressive biographies of already established artists who took their first professional steps when they were very young.

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    Britney Spears

    At only six years old, Britney Spears (1981) was already making his first auditions for television. She made her debut in 1992, on the show StarSearchwhere he surprised the audience singing Love Can Built a Bridge. At eleven he entered the program The All New Mickey Mouse Clubwhere he coincided with other talented children who are now rising as international stars: Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera.

    In 1998 he released his first single Baby One More Time, and since then his musical career has only grown like foam. The princess of pop counts among her repertoire songs like Oops!… I did it again, i wanna go, me against the music, Womanizer either Scream & Shout.

    Britney Spears performing ‘Love Can Built a Bridge’ on Star Search in 1992 (left) and a file image (right).
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    Pepa Flores (Marisol)

    The singer and actress Pepa Flores (1948), better known as Marisolwas the undisputed protagonist of the 60’s cinema in Spain. With her self-confidence and talent, she conquered the industry from a very young age. She starred in big hits like A ray of light, raffle, Marisol’s four weddings Y just the two.

    From his adult stage, titles such as The girl from the Red Windmill, Blood Wedding, Carmen Y Case closed. Since 1985 she has been withdrawn from public life.

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    drew Barrymore

    We all remember little Gertie from ET, the alien. Elliott’s sister stole the hearts of millions of viewers and this was nothing more and nothing less than a young Drew Barrymore (1975) only seven years old. During his teenage years, Barrymore continued to star in films such as Firestarter, Irreconcilable Differences either Cat’s Eye. Her drug problems landed her in a detox center, but she still continued to work. As an adult, we have seen her in many series and movies, mainly comedy, such as Charlie’s Angels (2000), Scream, 50 first dates either Santa Clarita Diet.

    She has been a producer of different projects and director of documentaries such as Choose or Lose Presents: The bes place to start. Since 2020 he hosts his own show The Drew Barrymore Show.

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    The singer Melodía Ruiz Gutiérrez (1990), better known as Melodybegan his career in the early 2000s, publishing his first album black footed. In his repertoire there are songs that became hits of the summer and that are still played at more than one party like The gorilla dance. The Sevillian artist, who also has the nickname “Princess of Spanish pop”, continues to achieve success with singles like the things of love either Lawless. Also, she has made some appearances in series like Tell me how it happened either Madrid burnsand in movies like Now or never. Between 2013 and 2014 she participated in Your face is familiar to meproclaiming himself runner-up.

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    Demi lovato

    singer and actress Demi lovato (1992), became world famous in 2008, after starring in the hit movie Camp Rock on DisneyChannel. She was 16 years old then. However, she had already appeared on the screens of thousands of people when she was just a child. She made her debut at just 9 years old, when she appeared in several episodes of children show Barney & Friends.

    When he left the Disney Channel he mainly focused on his music career. some of his hits What Really Don’t Care, Sorry Not Sorry either dancing with the devilThey have been awarded in different categories. In addition, Demi Lovato is a strong defender of mental health and the rights of the LGTBI collective, among others.

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    Yolanda Ventura

    During her childhood, Yolanda Ventura (1979) was one of the members of the most popular children’s musical group of the 80s in Spain: Parcheesi. She joined the group when she was only 10 years old and worked for more than five years with the other four members.

    After leaving the group, Ventura, who has dual nationality (Spanish and Mexican), has developed most of his career as soap opera actress What Wild Heart, Amy, the girl with the blue backpack, I want to love you either burning fire.

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    Selena Gomez

    Like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez (1992) appeared on the show Barney & Friends at the age of 10. Moreover, there are some scenes of the two actresses together. Later, the two met again on the Disney Channel and even starred together in the movie Princess protection program. In those years, Selena Gomez was one of the great disney stars and the series Wizards of Waverly Place It catapulted her to international fame.

    After leaving the company, she spent a few years focused on music and released albums like Selena Gomez & the Scene, revival either rare. His last great musical project has been Revelationthe first one done completely in Spanish.

    She has also returned to acting as a dubbing actress (in films such as Hotel Transylvania) and also co-starring in the series Star+ Only murders in the building (in which he acts alongside Steve Marin and Martin Short).

    Selena Gomez has done a lot of activism for mental health and, to raise awareness of the bullyingworked as executive producer of the series 13 Reasons Why.

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    Danna Paola

    In Spain, thousands of people met Danna Paola (1995) for the first time in 2017, thanks to his participation in the popular Netflix series Elite. However, in Latin America, mainly in Mexico, Danna Paola has been a star since she was a child. She released her first album at the age of six and before that she had already appeared on TV shows like Sesame Street. But without a doubt, the role that catapulted her to fame was that of Maria Belenprotagonist of the children’s soap opera of the same name which was released in 2001.

    Danna Paola has never stopped working. She has done projects on television, film and theater, she has participated in television programs (being a jury of The academy and of Top Star How much is your voice worth?), and continues his musical career. Her last studio album was published in January 2021 and included songs like Don’t dance alone either With you.

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    Raven-Symoné (1985) is another of the Disney stars of the early 2000s. Before coming to the children’s channel, he made some appearances in series such as The prince of Bel Air and movies like the little naughty. His greatest fame came in 2003 with the premiere of the Disney Channel original series It’s so Raven. He also highlighted his role in the film The Cheetah Girls.

    The actress, singer and producer has continued acting and even participated in the broadway musical Sister Act.

    Raven-Symoné in a still from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (left) and today (right).
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    Ariadna Thalia Sodi (1971) is a Mexican singer, actress and businesswoman. When she was eight years old, she participated in the film The Cake War and in 1981 she became part of the children’s group Pac Man. Since then, her music career took off and in 1990 she released her first solo studio album. Among her great successes are brown skin, rampaging either I don’t remember.

    She is also known for her participation in several soap operas and movies such as Poor Miss Limantour Y quinceanera. Since 2019 he has his own personal care line called Adria by Thalía and continues to release records.

    Thalía performing Modern rock girl in 1984 (left) and in 2018 during the promotion of her album ‘Valiente’.

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