Angelina Jolie dares to erase Brad Pitt’s tattoo: Laser or makeup?

Lto american actress Angelina Jolie seems to have made a decision about a physical feature on your body. Specifically, the allusion to the tattoos. And it exactly has to do withon Brad Pitt.

Jolie has been seen immersed in the premiere of her new movie, ‘Eternals’, and that is why she has appeared both in Los Angeles and in Rome, at which time more than one person has noticed that he has begun to erase the tattoo that he had on one of his arms and that referred to ex-husband.

Apparently the actress has already dared to take that step that she had not yet taken. because angelina he had up to seven tattoos on his left arm with the coordinates of the place of birth of the most important people in your life. Those corresponding to his six children, and still are, and to Brad Pitt.

It is unknown if it has actually begun to be erased with some cosmetic procedure –the laser is usually the most common -, or if you have decided to cover it up with makeup. Now what he shows is that he wants practically nothing to be seen in memory of the bond he had with Pitt.

Now, before last summer he got a new tattoo on his right arm, and it’s a Galileo Galilei phrase that goes like this: “Eppur si muove”which in Spanish means “And yet it moves”, so perhaps it is a way to refer to the difficult situation that he has had to live.

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