Zendaya is the key to the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

The trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp splashes Zendaya. The Spider-Man actress could end up being key in the final verdict.

The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard keep going. This morning we learned that the actor was key to the casting of Mere in Aquaman. The controversy has been generating headlines for weeks, but now it has taken a new turn. Both stars are still fighting in court. However, in recent days the protagonist of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendayahas become the center of attention when talking about the public reputation and professional career of the actress of the DC Extended Universe compared to other superhero movie actors.

Amber Heard’s team has claimed an estimated $50 million loss due to alleged damages from Johnny Depp’s allegations. Supposedly, what happened with the actor negatively affected the future professional opportunities of her ex-partner in Hollywood. The explanation for those losses was summarized by the entertainment industry consultancy kathryn arnold. She compared Mera’s actress status and lawsuit to Zendaya’s current situation, star of Marvel Studios.

The comparison between the two actresses was a matter of debate

Johnny Depp’s attorney refuted those claims. He tried to argue that the comparison between Amber Heard and Zendaya is not accurate. Seeking to frame the comparison as illogical, the actor’s attorney told Kathryn Arnold on the stand: “You have compared Amber Heard to Zendaya, a person so famous she has only one name. She has been on the Disney Channel since she was thirteen years old and has won an Emmy. She sang, danced and swung on trapezes in The Greatest Showman. She has now appeared in several Spider-Man movies. She is ten years younger than your client, but she is the person you have considered comparable ».

In response to Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Kathryn Arnold wanted to clarify her comparison. “When you look at superhero characters, there aren’t that many to use,” she said. “I just tried to work out characters that were in superhero movies and had a rough age trait. But also where his career had gone. I said that Amber Heard was comparable to Zendaya, but not identical. You just have to look at what they’ve done in their careers, whether it’s before superhero movies. And then you look at where his career should have gone. They are still comparable as far as being in a blockbuster movie. It’s just a point of reference. They are not supposed to be identical or to be the same people. They don’t even have exactly the same career. It’s just a reference point.”

A graphic defends the statements of the legal part of the actor

Johnny Depp’s legal team then submitted a scorecard to defend their point of view. This graph was intended to show the comparison between actresses like Zendaya and Amber Heard, in addition to others.

The comparison in the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Q Score Chart

“These scores are a measure of how good a celebrity is, how much they appreciate them, and how much they hate them,” they explained. “It is a standard tool in the industry. It doesn’t just focus on the movies they appear in, but on themselves as actors. But what happens in their personal lives also comes into play. The graph is visible to all.

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