Will Smith’s video that worried his millions of fans

The American actor starred in a dangerous moment aboard a $70,000 Land Over. Read on and find out what we’re talking about.

Since his trip to India was announced in search of the self-control he lost in front of Chris Rockmillions of fans follow the day to day life of Will Smith as if it were the price of the dollar. The American actor has entered a negative spiral that could jeopardize his days as a benchmark in the seventh art, something that has his audience on edge.

The Academy was the first blow to the chin after announcing the veto to the protagonist of “hitch” for 10 years. Besidesthe recent projects that he had in the ‘oven’ have also been delayed due to the concern that Smith’s presence generates in film producers in front of the cameras and the reception it would have in the public.

However, his faithful -and millions- of followers have had a new headache because of the actor: and it is that in a video that he published weeks ago on his personal Instagram account he is seen having an accident in the desert aboard a land rover of 70 thousand dollars.

The incident occurred while Will was driving this machine through some dunes and without warning he falls into a pothole that could have happened to adults. The surprised face of the actor himself and his companions reveal the unexpectedness of the event and how dangerous it could have been in the absence of a car designed for this type of scenario.

From the truck that served as containment we can say that it is a Land Rover Defender which was officially presented in 2019. Its design is designed to enter the most complicated terrain and come out with flying colors thanks to its 4×4 characteristics… proof of this is Will’s in the middle of a desert.

+ Here the video that everyone talks about

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