Will Smith and the time he took Ayahuasca in Peru: Actor assures that he saw his career destroyed

Will Smith tells what he learned after drinking Ayahuasca in Peru.  (Photo: My next guest needs no introduction)
Will Smith tells what he learned after drinking Ayahuasca in Peru. (Photo: My next guest needs no introduction)

Will Smith surprised with his statements on the program “My next guest needs no introduction”, where he counts the time he took Ayahuasca in Peru and everything that made him feel, to the point of fearing for his career.

This interview was recorded months before starring in the embarrassing situation with Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards. As is recalled, the artist slapped the comedian for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett.

This attitude generated rejection from the organization and criticism from many of its followers. Given this, the actor apologized and undertook a trip to India to find himself and reflect.

In his conversation with David Letterman, the protagonist of Men In Black tells that after drinking the ancestral drink in Peru he felt that his career was in danger. Given this, many have assumed that it was a premonition in the midst of the hallucinations that Ayahuasca makes you feel. Attention to his story:

“Once you drink it, you will see yourself in a way that you have never seen yourself,” he told Letterman, who called this experience “one of the times it was the most hellish individual psychological experience of my life.”

“I drank, and it usually takes about 45 minutes to kick in. And I’m sitting there and you always feel like, ‘Maybe it won’t work this time.’ So I’m drinking and sitting there and all of a sudden it’s like I started seeing all my money fly away, and my house was going, and my career was going, and I was trying to grab my money, and my career and my whole life. they were being destroyed. This is my fear, and I’m there, but I feel like throwing up”, Smith told the presenter David Letterman.

“I heard a voice say: ‘This is what it is, this is what life is.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, sh… and I hear Willow yelling, ‘Dad, help me, daddy, how come you don’t help me?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t see you, honey,’” she continued recounting.

“I stopped worrying about my house, I stopped worrying about my career, and it got to the point where I calmed down., and the voice is still at 100 percent; I still hear Willow scream, my money keeps flying. But I’m… totally calm, even though there’s hell on my mind.”he detailed.

Will Smith and his revealing statement about Ayahuasca on the David Letterman show.
Will Smith and his revealing statement about Ayahuasca on the David Letterman show.

The actor points out that although he felt a lot of fear, this experience left him with a great lesson. Here he understood that he is aware that everything happens and he will be able to handle it.

“When I came out of it, I realized that whatever happens in my life, I can handle it.” Will pointed out.

“I can handle anyone who loses, I can handle anything that goes wrong, I can handle anything in my marriage,” said the artist, who confessed that it is impossible to protect the family from the world.

“Safety and security are an illusion. You have to learn to live with the reality that at any moment, anything can disappear in a second. So with that reality, how can you be here? And how can you be happy and be here? said.

“99 percent of the things you worry about never happen. Ninety-nine percent of your pain and misery is all self-generated; It’s not real”, continued the protagonist of The Prince of Rap.

The famous revealed that this situation generated great confidence in him and let him know that everything will always be fine.

“I developed a trust and a love for myself that I never had. I trust that I will be fine, no matter what happens, ”she stressed.


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