Volleyball, cinema, express short films and other free activities in Barcelona

Record your short in express format

You only have 24 hours to make a short. Beyond an anxiety attack, what do you think would come out of it? Find out in the contest ‘a thousand glances‘, of the Civic Center Barceloneta (Conreria, 1), which consists of filming and editing a short film in just one day. It is celebrated this weekend, and you have until Friday to sign up.

Time to go to the beach

Removing the parenthesis of rains this week, the sun already stings as if it were July. And the crowded beaches this weekend confirmed it. The tourist season is here… but also beach sports. Every Sunday, the MeetUp Polyversal Fantastic meets at the Forum beach (Port Esportiu, 13) to play Beach volleyball and launch of frisbee.

Thursday of cinema and debate

They come back cinephile cycles of the Ateneu Fort Pienc (Fort Pienc square, 4). Every Thursday, at 7:00 p.m., a screening accompanied by a debate to delve into the film. Next week, ‘Black Swan‘, the movie that won Natalie Portman an Oscar, and the next one, the Burmese documentary ‘thousand fires‘.

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12 years against injustice

In Catalonia, every two hours, three families are evicted. The Focus Festivalof the Pati Llimona (Regomir, 3), focused on photography as a tool for social transformation, dedicates its 12th edition to denouncing that Catalonia is the leader of the Spanish State in evictions through photographs of victims and executioners. Until June 25.

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