Serious leak of intimate photos of celebrities in the US would affect Adriana Barrientos and Fran Undurraga | TV and Show

The two Chilean models would be involved in a massive leak of intimate photos produced in the United States. One of them had already noticed something like this weeks ago.

It was at the end of April when Francisca Undurraga He indicated on social networks that he had been the victim of a massive leak of photos, assuring that they were records that affected part of his family. That situation could be related to an event that occurred in USA, which would also affect Adriana Barrientos.

Through social networks, the Chilean model had indicated that she would investigate the situation and go to justice.

“I have discovered that tricked photos of me have been leaked, in which I am linked to situations that can harm me or my loved ones,” exhibited weeks ago.

“That issue will be investigated and will proceed with the full weight of the law whoever is responsible,” he added.

According to what La Cuarta pointed out this Thursday, an American portal is involved in a new massive leak of photos of celebrities, among those affected would be Undurraga and Barrientos.

Adriana Barrientos and Fran Undurraga in a new celebgate?

According to the aforementioned media, it would be an event with similar characteristics to the “celebgate” scandal (2014), where intimate images of personalities such as Dakota Johnson, Addison Timlin, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence were released.

In this case, they point out, the alleged hackers would have obtained material from famous people from accounts in Onlyfans and Unlock, which are payment platforms.

The famous Chilean women precisely have active accounts on this latest portal, which they promote through social networks such as Instagram or TikTok.

So far none of the aforementioned has referred to this fact in their personal profiles.

Until the closing of this note, BioBioChile tried to contact the two models to obtain a statement in this regard. Fran Undurraga agreed to give his version as soon as possible.

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