Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her BIG Met Gala Mistake

However, this happened moments before passing through the red carpet: ‘It looked really beautiful and very even.’ the problem or the error what was committed is that they didn’t wait for the self-tanner to settle into the singer’s skin, so as the minutes went by, the tonality darkened! And only thanks to a photo of her friends did he notice that her appearance was changing: ‘I was in the met gala, basically one of the most beautiful and prestigious events… I find myself walking around trying to look beautiful and I look at a picture of myself when I sit down and notice that I am completely orange. I thought this is going to be terrible because with this they are going to eat me alive‘.

The singer and actress noticed, until they began to take photos of her, that her tan had darkened more than necessary.

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But, although he noticed the small beauty bug in the event, this did not take away his good humor, so he wanted to address this ‘failure’ in his own account from the beginning Instagram posting a video of her running or ‘running away’ that accompanied the text: ‘When I saw my photos of the MET

I had my security take the video because it was my first reaction: I just wanted to get out of there’ –Selena Gomez.

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Now, we only have to wait less than a week to see if Selena Gomez will be part of this edition of the met gala which will air on September 13. We can’t wait to see more of her at the fashion event!

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