Minecraft welcomes Prerelease 2 and 3, all the details of the Wild Update

For days, if not weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to get a glimpse of Minecraft’s next major update through several snapshots Y prereleases.

Version 1.19, Wild Update, will allow the introduction of many new features, among others, warden the guardian of the caves, the Deep Dark biome a new variant of the swamps with the swamps, the establishment of frogs and tadpolesthe ‘Allay (which will prove to be a formidable ally), but also modifications and improvements to certain elements such as the cat, or the incorporation of new commands such as the possibility of generating a certain type of terrain.

This week, not one, but two previous releases featured the game of Mojang Studios. Unlike snapshots, preview builds primarily allow you to fix or modify certain things. Here are the details.

Minecraft Preview 2 Patch Note Version 1.19

A recent change has allowed more types of monsters to spawn inside nether portals, causing them to instantly change dimensions after spawning. We won’t be making any more changes to this until 1.19 is released, but our intention is to prevent most mobs from spawning in Nether portals and to make sure that those that don’t don’t immediately go through the portal. Expect to see these changes in an upcoming release.

Pre-Launch Changes 2

  • If the Guardian gets caught in liquid, it furiously disintegrates instead of burrowing.
  • Reused the generic gear sound when equipping blocks to the main slot.

Error correction

  • MC-186148: ‘death.attack.witherSkull.item’ shows raw (untranslated) translation string
  • MC-186851: ‘death.attack.sting.item’ shows raw (untranslated) translation string
  • MC-207268 – Sculk sensors do not detect removal of bark from logs, plowing of land, or creation of dirt roads.
  • MC-208759 – Sculk sensor ‘placed block’ does not activate when villagers place crops.
  • MC-208760 – Sculk sensor ‘placed block’ does not trigger when snow golems place snow caps.
  • MC-208761 – Sculk sensor ‘destroyed block’ does not activate when pistons destroy blocks.
  • MC-209701 – Sculk sensors do not activate when placing food on a campfire.
  • [MC-209900]- Sculk sensors do not activate when inserting or picking up music records in jukeboxes.
  • MC-210330 – Sculk sensors don’t activate when casting ender eyes.
  • MC-210489 – Sculk sensors don’t activate when razor-sharp speleothems fill partially filled cauldrons.
  • MC-210496 – Sculk sensors do not activate when harvesting sweet berries.
  • MC-210801 – Wool incorrectly hides vibration from frames being placed
  • MC-212430 – Sculk sensors do not activate when cauldrons are partially filled by rain or snow.
  • MC-213387 – Sculk sensors do not detect endermen/shulkers teleporting from one location to another.
  • MC-220086 – Sculk sensors do not detect when an ax is used to scrape wax/oxidation off a copper block.
  • MC-220087 – Sculk sensors do not detect the use of honeycomb to wax copper.
  • MC-249696 – On some empty worlds, the player does not spawn on the stone platform.
  • MC-250259 – Warden AI does not work properly when mounted on entities.
  • MC-250941 – Goat horns don’t break in copper ore
  • MC-250956 – Baby horned goats lose their horns when they feed.
  • MC-251314 – The laden goats of the ancient worlds lose their horns.
  • MC-251336 – Dark mist flickers with high duration values.
  • MC-251412: Warden inflicts a dark effect on players on the same team.
  • MC-251500 – Guardians ignore PersistenceRequired and dig.
  • [MC-251601] – Incorrect representation of darkness when reloading the game
  • MC-251639 – Warden spawn particles don’t match the block they spawn on for the entire path.
  • MC-251646 – ‘death.attack.sonic_boom.item’ shows raw (untranslated) translation string
  • MC-251670 – Villagers don’t always fill their stocks.
  • MC-251675 – Mesa mineshafts no longer spawn with the /place command outside of the badlands, even though the structure spawned successfully.
  • MC-251736 – Reflected ghast fireball cannot hit the ghost.
  • MC-251824 – Guardians don’t get angry from being hit by projectiles for no damage.
  • MC-251854 – ‘Scatter’ advancement can be awarded by killing a mob that does not award experience.
  • MC-251859 – Gear sound plays whenever armor or elytron durability changes while equipped.
  • MC-251860 – Minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic Sound plays when delivering items to allies.
  • MC-251862 – Clicking + switching on the destroy item button in creative inventory creates vibration when there is nothing in your gear slots.
  • MC-251864 – minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic plays when buckets of water are filled with fish, axolotls, or tadpoles.
  • MC-251871 – Minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic sound plays and can only be heard by other players when passing an item from one hand to another.
  • MC-251876 – Villagers play armor equip sound when previewing armor.
  • [MC-251889] – io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException when evaluating too many entity selectors in chat preview
  • [MC-251890] – click events of run_command send value as command instead of chat message
  • MC-251915 – Milking cows, mooshrooms and goats plays armor gear sound
  • MC-251916 – Eating food that flips empty containers causes armor to rattle.
  • MC-251919: Equipping the player’s head, skull, or carved pumpkin displays the generic “Gear equips” subtitle.
  • MC-251920: Removing a plant from a pot plays the armor sound and subtitle
  • MC-251921: Equipping horse armor on a horse makes “Gear equips” sound.
  • MC-251922 – “Gear equips” sound is played when equipping or removing a saddle from a horse in horse armor.
  • MC-251924: Armor kit sounds and subtitles play when foxes pick up an item.
  • MC-251925: Armor equipment sounds and subtitles play when dolphins throw items
  • MC-251927: Armor gear sounds and subtitles play when “CanPickUpLoot” mobs pick up items
  • MC-251928 – Armor equip sounds play when filling a single honey bottle
  • MC-251929 – Armor kit sounds play when filling a water bottle from a water fountain.

Minecraft Pre Release 3 Patch Note Version 1.19

Now it’s time for Minecraft 1.19 Preview 3, which will be our last preview for this week. In this preview version, we changed the Sonic Boom attack and fixed more bugs.

Pre-Launch Changes 3

  • Warden’s sonic attack now bypasses damage reduction from armor enchantments like Protection.

Error correction

  • MC-209932 – Sculk sensors only detect the breaking of the last turtle egg when stepped on.
  • MC-210277 – Sculk’s sensors don’t activate when chickens lay eggs.
  • MC-210278 – Sculk sensors do not activate when bees enter or leave their hive or nest.
  • MC-214622 – Sculk sensors do not detect light sensor mode change.
  • MC-249094 – Unexpected removal of howler sculk inner faces.
  • MC-249097 – Howler Sculk sides and bottom are not cleared by solid blocks
  • MC-249230 – Frogs prefer to eat entities rather than panic when they take damage.
  • MC-250162 – Placing a map in a frame will break any intersections between paintings and frames containing a map.
  • MC-250238 – Frogs try to move towards entities out of their range, causing them to constantly twist and turn.
  • MC-250983 – Smoothies can get stuck inside empty blocks.
  • MC-251220 – Block lighting in extended parts is much darker in 22w17a than 1.18.2.
  • [MC-251420] – Demo mode: The destination of the “Buy Now” link is incorrect.
  • MC-251858 – Subtitles are taller than previous versions
  • MC-251872 – Game output and server console are saved with warnings about chat packets with invalid signatures when using entity selectors in commands.
  • MC-251878: Sculk sensors that listen for objects falling to the ground don’t alert screaming, even if a player knocks them down.
  • [MC-251968]: Executing “/execute” related commands in chat shows error message “Chat packet received without valid signature”
  • MC-252071 – Warden still detects after death if signal travels before death.
  • MC-252078 – Allays no longer run away or panic when taking damage.

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