Matt Riddle is accused of being a ‘toxic and perverted’ person

Riddle He is once again at the center of the controversy for a matter unrelated to his work in WWE. The former tag team champion has been singled out as a “toxic” person by his latest partner. Riddle started dating Daniella Petrowwho this week has revealed that they are no longer together.

Petrow has not wanted to end the relationship without leaving a last message, with the aim of hurting Riddle’s image on social networks. From his personal experience, Riddle he is a perverted and toxic person. “I’m happy that I’m not with the sick anymore that all of you don’t know how bad, toxic and perverted he really is. I was blinded by love, I couldn’t see it either.”

This information was published last night by various media, but Petrow has decided to upload more content to social networks, including some private conversations or a new text in which she explains the reasons for their separation.

“Today I lost my mind receiving a video of Matthew with a woman he slept with a couple of weeks ago… I was with her on February 11, 2002 when I was still her girlfriend. I sadly love this man still. But as fucked up as it sounds after friends and family go through months and months of our messages, and knowing the countless calls I’ve made crying to them, I didn’t realize what kind of sick fucked up relationship I was in, even when I tried to date multiple times…” Petrow wrote. “The things I did just to make him happy… The guilt he constantly heaped on me. It was so toxic. I’m human, I’ve gone so crazy that I look like I’m really crazy because what I’ve been through these last few weeks is enough to make anyone go crazy. This man hasn’t just done this to me, it’s what kills me, and some of the women I’ve talked to still love him after years and months of going through things like mine. But I’m not going to sit idly by.”

It is not the first time that Matt Riddle’s relationships have been a subject of controversy on social networks. Last year, her ex-wife Lisa hinted that Riddle had abandoned her and her children. “He says that now that he is traveling and has moved to Orlando away from his children,” she wrote in response to a post by Riddle in which he mentioned that he was in the best moment of his life after working on a WWE show together. to Randy Orton.

In April 2022, Lisa confirmed her divorce from the WWE Superstar. “It’s been exactly one month since the judge signed the paperwork and our divorce was official. The kids and I are enjoying our new adventure, and we’re thankful for everyone who has been by our side through it all.”

The couple’s problems date back to 2020, when Matt admitted to having an extramarital affair while denying sexual assault allegations made by Samantha Tavel (Candy Cartwright), who would file a lawsuit against the superstar, WWE, Gabe Sapolsky and EVOLVE Wrestling. . However, in July 2021, Tavel dropped the lawsuit against Riddle for unknown reasons.

Currently, Riddle is experiencing a sweet moment in WWE. Despite losing the tag team titles to the Uso brothers, it is rumored that he could have a chance to face Roman Reigns for the Unified Championship.

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