Leaked Natalie Portman’s costume as Thor in Marvel’s Love and Thunder

MADRID, 18 Feb. (CultureLeisure) –

The transformation of Jane FosterNatalie Portman’s character, in Thor is one of the great attractions of love and thunder, the fourth installment of the saga. And although there are still months to go before its premiere, and there is no official trailer yetthe merchandising has gone ahead again showing how Jane will look with her new outfit as Goddess of Thunder and wielding the legendary mjolnir.

Bandai’s SH Figuarts label is preparing to launch a new line of figures from the film that will feature Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and also with Natalie Porman as Mighty Thor. Image of both figures has been leaked online giving Marvel fans the best look yet at the clothes that the two protagonists of the directed film Taika Waititi will wear.

And although the figure of Thor offers a more complete picture of the scintillating and unseen attire of the God of Thunderwith Hemsworth holding his powerful and gleaming weapon, stormbreaker, the one that attracts the most attention is that of Jane Foster. The Goddess of Appearance clad in her imposing new battle uniform and wielding the mythical and powerful Mjolnir.

Given the deteriorated appearance of the legendary weapon that Portman’s character tightly holds, it stands to reason that it is the same hammer as Hela, the stepsister of Thor and Loki who embodied Cate Blanchet, shattered with his bare hands at Ragnarok.

However, the image of the figure of Natalie Portman as Thor, Goddess of Thunder has taken the most enthusiastic followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to wonder who has been able to put the hammer back together or how it is in their possession.

AND, With the doors of the Multiverse already wide open in the UCM, one of the theories that is gaining more strength among fans is that it is a Jane Foster from another realitybeing the original bearer of the unique power of the God of Thunder.

To find out if it will be the same Jane Foster or not and how she has raised the hammer, fans will have to wait for the next July 8, 2022when will it be released in theaters Thor: Love and Thunder. Before it will hit the theaters Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe second film in the saga starring benedict cumberbatchwhich will be released on May 6.

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