Kim Kardashian feels like a new person (yes leaving Kanye West has to do)

“The status of my relationship with kanye It hasn’t been really clear to people because I was also trying to figure it out. And I’m ready to move on,” she admitted. kim in a confessional. She was joined by her publicist Tracy Romuluswho shared that kim he has an amazing memory.

She could remember what outfit she wore on a given date, along with how she did her hair and what kind of eye shadow she wore. To prove it, Tracy asked her about her Vegas New Year’s Eve outfit: “What year?” kim asked to be specific, and the SKIMS founder seemed to go over the details.

Kim Kardashian Winery
Kim Kardashian feels ready to have a new style without Kanye West in sight.

As I checked the outfits, Tracy reminded him of kim the time that kanye he apparently emptied out his closet and replaced everything in it. “I forgot that I can make decisions too,” she explained of his newfound independence. At the beginning of the episode, kardashian she focused on herself.

kim showed off her modeling prowess during a photo shoot with Kendall Jenner for his collaboration with Balenciaga, in an advertising campaign that was filmed at his home and later featured on billboards. “I feel like I’ve already been on a campaign,” she considered as she wore the fashion house’s clothes at the behest of kanye.

Untitled design-14.jpg
This is the place where Kim keeps all her looks from the past.

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