judge ends legal guardianship after 13 years

Judge Brenda Penny ordered this Friday the end of the legal guardianship of the American singer Britney Spears immediately after 13 years.

The ruling represents a new victory for the artist, owner of a fortune valued at nearly 60 million dollars and who last June ruled for the first time against her father, who ceased to be her guardian in September by order of the same judge.

The singer’s custody was then held by a California state official and it was not until this Friday that Spears was finally free of any legal guardianship.

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After the decision was made public, hundreds of followers of the 39-year-old singer gathered outside the Los Angeles Superior Court building immediately reacted by throwing pink confetti into the air and chanting in favor of Spears.

The 39-year-old pop superstar has called her conservatorship abusive and humiliating, begging the court to end the conservatorship that has governed her personal life and $60 million estate since 2008.

Britney Spears’ conservatorship was arranged and overseen by the singer’s father after she had a public meltdown and underwent treatment for undisclosed mental health issues.

Since revealing years of private anguish in tearful testimony in June, Spears has received a groundswell of public support and has hired a new attorney who has moved aggressively to end the restrictions.

“This week is going to be very interesting for me!” Spears wrote on Instagram earlier this week. “I haven’t prayed more for anything in my life!”

In June, Britney Spears told the court that she had been traumatized and wanted her “life back” as soon as possible. She claimed that she had been forced to work and take medication against her will and that she was prevented from getting married or even getting her hair and nails done.

Her father, Jamie Spears, said through lawyers that he helped his daughter rehabilitate her career and that he always acted in her best interest. In an unexpected move in early September, she changed her stance on conservatorship and said she supported ending her, because her settlement had helped her and was no longer needed.

The case took a turn in September after the newspaper The New York Times publish a report with statements from three people who had worked for the artist during her tutelage: a security employee, an assistant and her wardrobe manager.

Among the most thorny testimonies, the former security employee stated that the father had placed microphones in Britney’s house, whose calls and messages were intercepted, including communications with his own lawyer and his children.

Judge Penny suspended Jamie Spears from conservatorship in late September, calling his involvement “toxic” to the singer’s well-being and temporarily replacing him with an accountant.

Interest in the case was fueled last year by documentaries and the #FreeBritney fan movement that questioned why the singer has lived under restrictions while touring successfully around the world and earning millions of dollars.

Supporters of Britney Spears, who gathered outside the courthouse waving pink signs to show their support, planned to hold a celebration this Friday night in case the judge delivered the landmark ruling they had hoped for.

With information from EFE and Reuters

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