Johnny Depp, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee and other celebrities who were honored with a statue

In the world of Hollywood, most famous people are honored with a star, but there are fans who are not satisfied and prefer to honor them with a statue.

Celebrities always do their best to enchant all viewers with the characters that were once assigned to them. Forks thanks to thiswhich in addition to earning money, also they get some recognition like an Oscar, their ‘star’ in it acquaintance Hall of Fame in Hollywood Y even a statue.

That’s how it is! there are fans and small towns located somewhere in the world who come to admire an actor so much or actress, who decide to honor him with a type of statue or even even with a museum. Johnny DeepSylvester Stallone and Bruce Lee were part of this kind of tribute.

And although perhaps their monuments were not so similar to them or did not meet their expectations, we believe that this was a great detail from his fans.

Paco Martinez Soria

The actor He stood out for playing comic characters in several filmssuch What ‘The city is not for me’, ‘Grandpa Made in Spain’, ‘Don Erre que erre’ and other titles.

He was honored with a somewhat ‘comic’ statue Just as his followers love, said monument is located in his hometown of Tarazona.

Although the famous did not live there, because from the age of 6 he moved to Barcelona with his family and spent almost his entire life in this place, until his death in 1982.

Bela Lugosi

Originally from Hungary he was lucky and rose to fame with the character of DraculaHe was a highly respected actor.

Reason why your native decided to pay homage to him with part of his bust in stone and placed it on one of the walls of the iconic Vajdahunyad castle, which was built in 1896.
Said statue shows Lugosi wearing his well-known cape and a look that made it look like he was hunting his prey.

Johnny Depp

The interpreter of Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was honored with a statue at Mokra Goraa town in the mountains and disputed by Kosovo and Serbia.
But the statue was made more to represent him as a ‘sex symbol’, they also added color and even the actor himself visited the little town and posed with his sculpture for photographs broadcast in various local and international media.

arnold schwarzenegger

Among his best-known films are ‘Terminator’, ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Sabotage’ and the most recent ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘In search of revenge’.

arnold schwarzenegger was born in GrazAustria, however his bronze statuewhich stands out for its large muscles was placed in Columbus. The above because in 1989 the actor promoted in that town the creation of a sports event called ‘Arnold Sports Festival’, which has been celebrated since then and attracted thousands of people from all over the world. Hence the stocky and large sculpture.

Sylvester Stallone

Without a doubt, the character was honored with a statue of one of his best-known roles. in the world of Hollywood, ‘Rocky Balboa’.
Located on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Artthis iconic monument is also known as ‘Rocky Steps, it was in this place that the famous also recorded part of the film.
The sculpture is very loved by the citizens of the place, they love to portray it and make ‘selfies’ with it. Unlike Schwarzenegger’s statute, they didn’t make him so muscular.

Elizabeth Montgomery

In 2005, exactly In Salem, Massachusetts, the statue of the protagonist of ‘Bewitched’ was createda very successful sitcom in the history of television.
This place was the scene of atrocious processes related to witchcraft close to the 17th century. Elizabeth Montgomery herself also recorded several scenes where her monument was placed.
Although some citizens did not love the idea and it was in bad taste, since they assured “It represented something like go to Auschwitz and erect a monument to Hogan’s Heroes.”

Bruce Lee

The statue of the protagonist of ‘Jackie Chan’ was placed on the ‘Avenue of Stars’exactly in Hong Kong. Said corridor is something very similar to what they call ‘The Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood. this sculpture it was made exactly to the actual size of the ‘Little Dragon’, It even seems that she is about to unleash her fury on the tourists who visit her and take pictures by her side.

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