Jennifer Aniston posts a makeup-free selfie at 52

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    Luckily, naturalness is gaining more and more ground on social networks, thanks to some ‘celebs’ who use their big loudspeaker to make normal bodies visible. For example, a few weeks ago, Selena Gomez was more real than ever with some unretouched bikini photos, and Sarah Jessica Parker claimed gray hair with one of her looks from the ‘reboot’ of ‘Sex in New York’.

    Because yes, friend, time passes for everyone and there is no reason to hide it. It’s also what you thought Jennifer Aniston by publishing his latest ‘selfie’, in which he announced the launch of a clothing collection with the most iconic scenes from ‘Friends’. Taking a look at his photo, we can only applaud him because, at 52 years old, she has not hesitated to post this ‘selfie’ without a drop of makeup. And it freaks us out!

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    It’s no secret: the actress follows a very strict beauty and exercise routine with which, as expected, looks like he’s 20 years younger. However, you have to make a very good pact with the devil to improve as time goes by, as it happens to her.

    A bit of lip gloss is all it took for Jennifer to take Instagram by storm with four million likesnot to mention the hair, which is also perfect, and the look, which we are looking forward to getting.

    The artist has always been characterized by her naturalness, despite the fact that behind this simple appearance there is a lot of work. However, who wouldn’t want to get out of bed looking amazing at the age of 52?

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