Hawkeye appears in Malcolm in the Middle

The first chapter of Malcolm in the middle it premiered on January 9, 2000. After 20 years, fans have discovered that one of the Avengers appeared in this series.. This was a rather unexpected cameo, and one that can be missed by blinking just once.

Recently, the internet lost its mind when it discovered that Jeremy Renner, an actor recognized for playing Hawkeye in the MCU, appeared in the first episode of this acclaimed sitcom. As you may remember, at the beginning of this chapter you can see a montage of Francis apologizing for his actions, it was here that a policeman can be seen in the background. Well, Well, this character, who doesn’t even have a line of dialogue, was played by Renner.


Although this actor has been involved in Hollywood since 1995, there is not a single mention of his involvement in Malcolm in the Middle on IMDb or Wikipedia. This shows that the paper was so minuscule that it doesn’t even count for your resume. Similarly, Jeremy Renner himself may not even remember this role.

In related topics, these are the best episodes of Malcolm in the middle. Similarly, this series is now available on Disney +.


Editor’s note:

Malcolm in the middle is a series that has housed great talent. We are not only talking about Bryan Cranston, but about various actors who have had small participations, such as Emma Stone. Without a doubt, something quite interesting.

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