Fortnite pro player prides himself on being racist; he shows off his gun collection

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It is disappointing and saddening to discover that, in the middle of 2022, racism still affects thousands of people. It is easy to think that this problem is foreign to the video game industry and the esports ecosystem, but history shows us once again that this is not the case. Now a player Fortnite: Battle Royale He is in the eye of the hurricane after his unfortunate and outrageous statements went viral.

Fortnite pro player shows off his arsenal in a video

Last week, pro player Sin, also known as Sin3278, shared a video on social media showing off his extensive collection of deadly weapons. In the images we can see rifles, shotguns, pistols and knives. The really outrageous thing is that he claims that he has that arsenal in case a “zombie apocalypse or a black outbreak” occurs.

Professional gamer Nexy picked up this embarrassing clip and uploaded it to his Twitter account while showing his discontent. “It’s crazy that a kid like Sin3278 can compete in the finals after tweeting this,” she commented on his post. Likewise, the esports specialist, Jake Lucky, highlighted the case and reacted with notable disgust on his social networks. “It’s really crazy that people like this exist,” he commented.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Fortnite player assures that he is racist and that he is proud to be; criticism rains down on him

Naturally, this unfortunate situation aroused the fury of netizens. Dozens of users expressed their discontent and attacked the racist player on social networks. Professional players and figures from the competitive community of Fortnite joined the conversation and demanded that Epic Games take action, while others even hinted that the FBI should get involved in the case.

Faced with the wave of criticism, Sin3278 deleted his Twitter account, but not before saying all kinds of discriminatory insults while proudly stating that he was racist.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

According to the statistical site Fortnite Tracker (via Kotaku), the infamous pro player has been competing in tournaments since at least July 2019. He first participated in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), an official Epic Games event, in October 2020.

This is how we come to last May 22nd, just when Sin3278, together with his duos partner Acro, won second place in the semifinals of a competition, a result that allowed them to qualify for the FNCS finals next weekend. .

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As a result of the current controversy, Acro tried to distance himself from the attitudes and statements of his teammate, although on Twitter we can see that he reacted to the controversial video with laughing emojis. We can also see a monkey emoticon, a symbol that can have racist connotations.

At the time of this writing, Epic Games has yet to publicly comment on this controversy. It is not clear if the player will receive a warning or, on the contrary, will have the door open to participate in the next final of the Fortnite Champion Series.

But tell us, what do you think about this case? Let us read you in the comments.

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