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Can you imagine it? Emma Watson confessed, during HBO Max’s ‘Harry Potter’ reunion, that she thought about giving up the role of Hermione because she was scared.

Even though news of Emma Watson’s resignation from her iconic role as Harry Potter It’s old news for some Potterheads, the 31-year-old actress brought up the subject again in the special for the 20 years of the franchise which premieres on HBO Max next January 1: “I think I was scared”he confessed.

It was the director of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, David Yates, who recalled how the also protagonist of little women she seriously considered saying goodbye to the massive project just as Hermione and Watson herself were entering their teenage years: “I remember, sometimes I felt lonely.”recognized the interpreter.

Emma Watson wanted to quit the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise because she felt lonely.

Watson elaborated on her crazy decision, clarifying that she was just scared because there came a time when fame grew exponentially. “I don’t know if you guys had this critical moment where you said… ‘This looks like it’s going to last forever’“He commented as a question to his co-stars who were at the meeting, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton.

Sometimes I felt alone

Although Radcliffe, who was the boy who lived in the magical franchise, coincided in how heavy and stormy fame can be at such a young age, Rupert Grint was the most surprised with the confession, admitting that “he never really talked about it with her”.

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On the other hand, it was Tom Felton, one of the best friends of the actress and with whom it was rumored that she had a love relationship, who praised Watson’s career and ethics, admitting that the desire to resign was very normal and genuine. Hermione whye “Dan and Rupert had each other”, he himself had his “cronies”, while Emma “was not only the youngest, but she was also alone and on her own” within the set and narrative of Harry Potter.

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