Cristiano Ronaldo responsible for the “disharmony” at Man Utd because “all about him”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been told he is responsible for the “disharmony” at Manchester United as it is “all about him”.

Ronaldo’s position in the squad has been widely debated since returning to the club last summer. He has scored 24 goals in all competitions this season in what has been a sad campaign for the Red Devils.

His critics say he disrupts the squad’s balance, with the latest commentator slamming his contribution being Liverpool legend John Barnes. Speaking with William Hill, Barnes said: “It causes disunity and disharmony. When the ball doesn’t reach him, he throws his hands up in the air. That’s a great example, isn’t it?

Harmony at Manchester United is a problem and who is causing that disharmony? He goes around like ‘it’s the others, I’m doing my job’. That’s not what a leader does. One who does it for himself does it.

“The fans love him and when things don’t go right, he says ‘it’s not my fault.’ That’s not what a team is for, so we know Ronaldo has done well for himself, but would you rather no one score 20 goals a season and United finish higher?

Who should start in attack for United next season? Let us know in the comments section.

Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick looks downcast after the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United at Selhurst Park on 22 May 2022

United’s grim campaign ended in a 1-0 defeat at Crystal Palace

“I think they would be higher if they had a better team. If the harmony is better, Ronaldo will not score the goals, but the team would be a better team and would win the games ”.

United’s season ended in another defeat on Sunday (22 May) when they were beaten 1-0 away by Crystal Palace. Barnes continued to blame their sixth place on Ronaldo’s signing.

Manchester United Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo reacts

Ronaldo scored 24 goals but was accused of disrupting the team’s balance

The former England international added: “He takes away the other players. [Marcus] Rashford would have had a better season, [Bruno] Fernandes would have had a better season, [Jadon] Sancho would have had a better season. Whoever hired Ronaldo is his fault.

Would United be a better team without Ronaldo? I think they would. Do you think they will be better off if Ronaldo stays next season? No chance. “

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