Camila Cabello and friendship with Selena Gomez

In his most recent interview with the magazine People, Camila Cabello she opened up about some of her struggles with herself. Even though the star admitted that she feels in a good place right now, there are still ghosts that continue to haunt her, such as her relationship with her body image. In addition, the artist referred to her friendship with Selena Gomez, which took up a large part of the interview.

Cabello feels very lucky to have a friend like Selena, who has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression as well. For the artist with Cuban roots, she is someone who has always given her a lot of support, being a great friend and a person with great values. She said that she is very empathetic, loyal and honest, she even revealed that she has a small group of friends of hers, with whom they hang out and all their conversations are real.

Cabello expressed that she feels like she is never faking it, so she doesn’t have to fake it around her. Those are the friendships that are worthwhile for everyone, even women like their friendships to be vulnerable and honest with their feelings for each other, being for Camila a light that guides her.

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