Cameron Díaz confesses that she enjoys her motherhood a lot and proves that there is no age to be happy – New Woman

After revealing that she is happy not to wear makeup, to enjoy her family life and to retire from the world of cinemaCameron Diaz only seeks to live a quiet life and enjoy her maternity a lot at 49 years old.

The actress who rose to fame in the 1990smade his appearance in films such as “The Mask”, “My best friend’s wedding” or “Charlie’s Angels”, was united in marriage in 2015 with the singer Benji Maddenfrom the group Good Charlotte and with him she had a girl named Raddix.

Eight years ago, the actress paused her career in the sets to dedicate herself to a new facet as a mother and also as a businesswoman, as In his social networks he has been seen sharing his organic and vegan wine whose name is Avaline.

This project, she plays with one of her closest friends, le has allowed to combine it perfectly with motherhood and also to spend more time with her husband.

Cameron Diaz wants to live 107 years to see her little daughter grow up

After deciding to take care of his family life, Cameron Diaz made a last film in 2014 called “The Other Woman”, which has already been eight years. And although it was a great surprise for his followers, the fact that she would become a mother at 47, was even more so.

In 2019, The actress and her husband welcomed their little Raddix, who was conceived through a surrogate and although Cameron was criticized for her late motherhood, said to Daily Mail that he wanted to live until he was 107 years old to be by his daughter’s side.

Being a new mother at her age has involved many learnings, however, She has been able to prepare for this point in her life, in which she feels full and very happy.

The famous expressed in that interview that “Many people do it the other way around… they get married [y] they have a family in their youth”, but she is doing it in the second half of her life and her only goal is to live without pressure.

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