Ariana Grande’s Team on “The Voice” Reveals What Surprised Them The Most About Her (And We Think It’s Obvious)

the team of Ariana Grande in The Voice spoke with People magazine to deliver some details of the singer and her role as coach on the hit talent show.

Ensuring that they only feel a lot of love and gratitude for the interpreter of “7 Rings”the participants expressed that what surprised them most about Grande “it’s his big heart”.

“You know, she’s always watching us. We got to meet some of her close family and friends, and she is so loving to everyone.they said. “People can have opinions about her, and at first I didn’t know what she would be like as a person, but she’s really amazing. It was unexpected to meet someone of her celebrity status who is so real and kind.”

We were pleasantly surprised at how ridiculously friendly Ariana is., to the point where we are receiving text messages from her. We talk to her as if she were a friend of years. We can text her and say, ‘Hey, does this sound good?’ She is very honest with us and tells us: ‘We have to fix this’. I really didn’t expect to make a friend for life,” another team member said of him.

The prominent American artist also taught them what it is to be “fine with imperfection” and to be less critical of themselves, something that has been very important for them in the competition.

“Everything is so comfortable with her. She cares incredibly about our vocal health, our song choices, and our experiences in life. She is also very playful and a lot of fun to be around. I think the entire Ariana team can agree that we’re so, so lucky that she came back to us and that we chose her, because he is a phenomenal person“, they closed.

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