5 Lenny Kravitz Facts You Didn’t Know Yet

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Are you a fan of rock-pop? If the answer is yes, today we will tell you about Leonard Albertbetter known in the musical world as Lenny Kravitzwho today celebrates his 58th birthday.

He is considered one of the great American musicians of all history for the variety of his songs in funk, rock, pop, reggae, folk and ballad genres, but you may want to know more about him. Here we tell you 5 facts about Lenny Kravitz that you did not know yet:

New York native

He was born in Manhattan, New York as the only child of African-American actress Roxie Roker (1929-1995) and her husband the “Green Beret”, a jazz promoter and television producer of Ukrainian Jewish descent.

In New York lands he discovered a taste for music since he enjoyed playing the drums since he was 5 years old.

Classmate of Nicholas Cage and Slash, from Guns N’Roses

In the 1980s, Lenny was fortunate enough to be at the same high school as Beverly Hills from Los Angeles with slash Y Nicolas Cage.

“We shared a desk and Nicolas Cage still called himself Nicolas Copolla. At the time, there was a play called ‘Oklahoma,’ he was the main character and I was in the pit playing drums,” Kravitz told Oasis magazine.

His pants ripped

In 2015, during a performance in Stockholm, Lenny made a risky move on stage, and his leather pants didn’t hold up.

The rocker crouched down and his pants did not withstand the pressure and since he does not usually wear underwear, he left his most intimate parts in the air, causing his female fans to explode in hubbub.

marijuana addict

There was a time when Lenny Kravitz He smoked so much marijuana that he hired a person to make his rolls for him. cannabis.

Also in multiple interviews with the press, he confessed that he discovered the dope along with two friends, Shannon Brock, “half black and half Jewish” like him, and Derek, “a half white and half Hawaiian kid.”

“Marijuana and rock became my regular diet,” Kravitz confessed.

Kravitz in Mixcoac!

Lenny Kravitz He visited Mexico City last April and expressed his passion for Mexican culture.

The rocker became a trend by uploading a photo on Twitter where he appears walking through a street market mixcoac. He also confessed that he likes tacos and that in his stay he enjoyed some good mariachis.

Happy Birthday, Lenny Kravitz! Now you know five more facts about him that you didn’t know.

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