Will Smith says he had a ‘vision’ to lose his career before the Oscars slap

Photo credit: PATRICK T. FALLON - Getty Images

Photo credit: PATRICK T. FALLON – Getty Images

After slapping comedian Chris Rock onstage at this year’s Oscars, the Academy has banned Will Smith from participating in future ceremonies for the next decade. The backlash against his behavior has also caused the cancellation of several of his projects.

Before the slap, Smith was on a roll, having chronicled her weight loss journey on the YouTube series Best Shape of My Life and published his memoirs WILL. In addition, he won the award for best actor at the Oscars for his performance in Williams methodan accolade that was inevitably overshadowed by the events of the same night.

Oddly enough, Smith could have predicted the consequences of the slap before it happened. Before the Oscars, Smith sat down for an interview on David Letterman’s Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and spoke of his fear of losing everything he has built. The episode just hit the streaming platform, which means everyone is watching it from a completely different context.

During their conversation, Smith told Letterman that he had taken ayahuasca while in Peru and had had a psychotropic “vision” in which his money, career and home had disappeared.

“You’re not hallucinating, right, it’s like both realities are 100% present,” he said. “It’s not superimposed on this reality. It’s totally separate. There’s what’s going on in your head and what’s going on in the room.”

He described one trip in particular as the “most hellish individual psychological experience” of his life: “I’m sitting there, and you always think maybe this time it won’t work for you. So I’m drinking, sitting there, and all of a sudden it’s like start to see all my money blown up, my house blown up, and my career disappearing. And I’m trying to grab my money and my career. My whole life is falling apart… and I hear a voice say, this is what it is. This is what fucking life is.”

In this hallucination, Smith could hear his daughter, singer Willow Smith, calling for help, and he told Letterman that he imagined putting aside all his material concerns to reach out to her.

“When I came out of it, I realized that whatever happens in my life, I can handle it,” he said. “I can handle anyone who loses, I can handle anything that goes wrong in my life, I can handle anything in my marriage, I can handle anything this life throws at me.”

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