Will Smith revealed in David Letterman’s Netflix series the vision before the Oscars of how his career would be ruined

If you are fans of talk shows and you like to know the stories of some celebrities, it is very possible that you have dropped by “They need no introduction”, the Netflix show hosted by David Letterman.

Will Smith has participated in one of the episodes of the fourth season, which has recently arrived on the platform. The episode, as it points out as soon as it begins, was filmed before this year’s Oscar ceremony.

This clarification is not accidental, of course. Will Smith became news at the gala, although not for the reason that would have been logical.

The actor won an Oscar for his role in The Williams Method. But his triumph was already overshadowed by the little scene he previously starred in on stage at the Dolby Theater.

Smith took the stage and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian joked about Chris Rock’s shaved head. Jada Pinkett-Smith. Will Smith’s wife suffers from alopecia areata.

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Netflix’s clarification is due to an anecdote that Will Smith recounts in the interview. The actor tells how his two-year sabbatical took him on a trip to Peru, where had several experiences with ayahuascaan indigenous South American drink that has hallucinogenic effects.

Variety collects the actor’s statements about the “hellish vision” he had under the effects of ayahuasca, where he states that he lost all his money and his career.

I’m drinking, sitting there, and then all of a sudden it’s like I start to see all my money fly away, and my house fly away, and my career too.

I try to reach my money and my career. My whole life is being destroyed… I’m there and I want to vomit. I hear a voice that says: ‘That’s the fucking life’. And I say, ‘Oh shit‘”.

Premonition or not, the truth is that Will Smith’s career has fallen apart after the Oscars incident. Many of his projects have been cancelled, delayed or suspended. Besides, the Academy has suspended its membership for 10 years.

It is true that the actor still has some support, but his enviable popularity has evaporated. You can see this David Letterman interview with Will Smith on Netflix Spain, through the aforementioned program They don’t need an introduction.

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