What to look for when buying an impeccable guest dress. A fashion editor reveals her secrets

If you like Enjoy your friends’ weddings to the fullest There is nothing better than not worrying about your look once you have chosen it. you have to feel safe, with the handsome raised and comfortable. Only in this way will you avoid being aware of whether your dress wrinkles in the car, your underwear is marked or visible, your belly is too noticeable after eating (perhaps I did not get the size right?) or I did not know how to calibrate that with that tissue was going to cook me.

These 6 points can help you choose the impeccable guest dress so that you can only dedicate yourself to having a good time.

1. Ad hoc underwear


Mnica Corsini at her sister Maria’s wedding in September 2021.@mo.corsini

If you decide to wear a dress made of flowing fabric, with an asymmetrical neckline, or with a silhouette… it is ESSENTIAL to think very carefully if you have the right underwear . That it is not seen, nor marked and that it maintains your bodysuit in place (also when you hit the dance floor).

2. Wrinkle-free dresses

Jennifer Aniston going to the SAG Awards.

Jennifer Aniston going to the SAG Awards.@Jennifer Aniston

If you don’t have a van to lay in like Jennifer Aniston going to the SAG Awards two years ago, forget about fabrics that wrinkle easily and more if they are in plain colors. No to the linen, to the satin… if you don’t want to look like an accordion as soon as you get out of the car before the pageantry begins. S to polyester that it is enough to wash it in cold water and hang it, that it does not need or iron.

Franca dress, by Redondo Brand.

Franca dress, by Redondo Brand.Round Brand

This anti-wrinkle dress is from Round Brand. Made of polyester, it has a wonderful fall and a halter neck. Only available online (139 euros).

3. comfort first


Designs to go comfortable to a wedding. The four of Valeria Cotoner.

the robesthe wide dresses Y caftans They are a success for those of us who prioritize comfort over anything else, even thinking of a guest look. The ones above are from Valeria Cotonerthe brand of the designer from Madrid who lives in New York, Valeria Castillejo, who has Eugenia Silva in her wardrobe, Tamara Falcon and Alejandra de Rojas.

4. The city where the wedding will be

Sophie's friends

Sofa Johansson’s friends at her wedding.Alexandra Ortiz

Is not the same buy a dress if the wedding is in Asturias, that in Malaga. In the north you can without hesitation choose long sleeves and even a three-piece (shirt, pants or skirt and blazer), in the south light fabrics and more pronounced necklines (without going overboard).

5. In the brands that work

Annisa dress by Ulla Johnson.

Annisa dress by Ulla Johnson.Ulla Johnson

Think about the last five weddings you’ve been to and review guest brands of the outfits that you have carried When a firm fits well with your style, due to its cuts, prints, colors and workmanship, look no further.

6. The plain multi-purpose dress

The plain dress that transforms with accessories.

The plain dress that transforms with accessories.@mercedesperezphoto

The plain dress of simple lines is the star candidate to be amortized to infinity if you have an eye for transform it with accessories. In that case, maybe you can rent a headdress, buy some special shoes or even radically change your hairstyle, and be someone else!

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