The black list of VIPs who cannot buy Ferrari does not exist, or almost

The black list that prevents some VIPs from buying Ferraris would not exist, even if not everyone can buy the most exclusive cars of the Prancing Horse.

It seems that there is not one real VIP black list to which it comes prevented from buying a Ferrari. Is it an urban legend or is there something else? There has been talk lately about the case of Justin Bieber and his Ferrari 458 painted blue and then put up for auction. Here, it seems that the mythical black list does not exist.

Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian or anyone else who has been “named” as on the list would certainly be able to enter any dealer and buy a car from Maranello. Also because, if you think about it, if Ferrari really wanted to create one list of “undesirables”, it would be extremely difficult to put the purpose into practice. As they explain on TheDrive, cars could be easily purchased through a company, in the name of a figurehead or, yes, you buy on the “almost new used” market.

Therefore? It doesn’t stop there, because when it comes to Ferrari in special edition, the music changes, even for Bieber. We know that in Maranello they are very attentive to the world of collecting, and that it takes very little to ruin a supercar that could be worth over the years tens of millions of euros. Of course, we are talking about models produced in limited numbers, which are obviously dedicated primarily to selected customers.

It is said that there is a number of rules that owners must abide by in order to have access to the most exclusive Ferraris. We know that it is necessary to own several Prancing Horse cars and, perhaps, zero Lamborghinis. This is probably just a consequence of being part of one “family” rather than another. In other words, you cannot cheer at the same time Juve and Toro, Rome and Lazioand so on.

Precisely for these reasons, more than for a real black list, we will never see someone from the Kardashian clan or Justin Bieber own a La Ferrari Aperta. Unless they convert to the “religious” dictates imposed in Maranello, of course.


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