Selena Gomez launches a site for the protection of mental health

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Selena Gomez, born in 1992, hasn’t been on social media for four years. She made this decision for protect his mental health. According to him, it was the best decision of his life. “The hatred and the unnecessary confrontations have disappeared since I put down the phone.” The former Disney starlet has been in the spotlight since she was little more than a child. And despite this, she never hid her notoriety behind her.

He has sold millions of albums. She became there most followed celeb in the world on Instagram. She lived a turbulent love affair (with Justin Bieber). She even underwent a kidney transplant. But she has learned that sometimes you just have to pull the plug to breathe. So, years after admissions to rehab, digital detox, and a long battle with depression and anxiety, she worked on a project that she is more than ambitious for.

The active battle of Selena Gomez

Is called Wondermind and it is a digital platform created to help people get better. Selena worked on it between filming for the second season of Only Murders in the Building and the launch of its inclusive makeup line, Rare Beauty. With what purpose? Changing the perception (and the narrative) of mental health doing more education on the subject. Such as? Through practice, therapy, useful exercises. That is, what saved her: therapy.

“When I realized I was sick, I sought support and the doctors were able to give me a clear diagnosis. It was a moment, that of the diagnosis, when I was terrified and relieved at the same time. Obviously I was tmistaken because the veil had been lifted (and I knew there was a problem). But relieved because I finally knew the reason for my suffering and for so many years of depression and anxiety. “

L’Selena’s outing has certainly helped many people to rethink and safely consider the help of a therapist, especially after the difficult months experienced by the pandemic. And this was the drive to go further. To do something concrete.

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How Wondermind works

Born following a Daniella Pierson interview with Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey, Wondermind aims to democratize and normalize mental health through exercises specially designed to heal and free the mind.

The idea of ​​launching this innovative platform came to the singer in November, together with her mom. And now she is already active with a set of resources, tools, podcasts, videos and free exercises available to users, so that everyone can work on their mental balance. Wondermind’s goal is to help people deal with these delicate situations in the most pleasant way possible. But business women already have big plans for the future: they want to create festivals and conventions where they can talk openly about mental health.

How mental fitness is practiced

“We believe that exercise the brain and mental health is just as important as exercising your body, ”said Selena. How do you practice mental fitness? «First of all, speaking freely with friends and family about what you feel, the emotions you feel. My advice, however, is to train body and mind at the same time: I have done, for example, many intensive workout courses. Like boxing, which is perfect for releasing energy ».

Another way to practice mental fitness is to limit our time on social media, like Selena, Ma did the greatest training is to rely on good professionals. «Our motto if you are not feeling well? See a therapist. We do not replace a professional. Even if you are lucky enough to have a personal trainer, you cannot rely on him alone. And to think of getting crazy results. He, like our platform, we can give you the exercises and tools, but then you will have to do the great work… ». Word of Selena. And she did it.


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