Personalities express sorrow over Texas shooting

Various personalities from the artistic world have expressed their sorrow and indignation after the massacre in the Robb Elementary School, from the town of Uvalde, in Texas, USA, where 18 children and three adults have been killed so far, including the assailant.

Among them is the American actor Chris Evans, who expressed through his Twitter account that enough was enough.

The sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner They also joined the figures who expressed their regret about the shooting.

“Love and prayers to the affected families,” Kendall said in a story on her Instagram account.

While Kylie in the same way expressed “Another shooting at a school, devastating. My heart is broken for those families.”

the rapper Offsethusband Cardi B, he joined in the condolences saying, “Prayers for the people in Texas, man, those are kids that were killed. This world needs God.”

The actor of the saga ‘The Lord of the Rings’, Elijah Woodexpressed: “My heart goes out to the families and children of Robb Elementary in Texas. Truly horrible.”

Another actor who asked for “compassion” was Josh Gadpopular for being the voice of Olaf in “Frozen”.

“19 kids and counting. Who are we? We are a nation with no moorings, no rudder and more of an issue with a woman making decisions about her body than with a desire to prevent anyone with a mental disorder from getting a gun anywhere.” , at any time and kill children at will,” he said on his Twitter account.

famous horror writer Stephen King expressed his anger at the shooting: “Gun control now! Stop the slaughter of innocents!”

The actor Daniel Dae-Kimknown for his participation in the series ‘Lost’, expressed: “27 school shootings and no change in policy to protect the lives of our children. In light of the recent news about abortion, this is both hypocrisy and madness” .

“What a fucked up country this is. Take away women’s reproductive rights, but give everyone a gun. What can go wrong,” said host Andy Cohen.

The Cuban presenter Daisy Fuentes was another of those who expressed her outrage at the massacre: “The governor of Texas, Abbott, said that the Uvalde shooter” shot and killed, horribly and incomprehensibly, 14 students and a teacher. “- These horrors will continue (Sandy Hook), and many more since. But nobody changes a thing. You can’t wear your mask to school, but bring your guns.”

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