OPERATION JENNER | The police “disguised” themselves as jihadists, nurses and “night fauna” to discover the false covid vaccinated

Veterans say a good cop assigned to the Information brigades must be like a chameleon. Capable of blending in with the environment, becoming undetectable whether among businessmen, pimps, car dealers, dentists or drug dealers.

That’s what the agents did. Provincial Police Information Brigade in Madrid who discovered and dismantled the plot of false vaccinated against Covid-19. Were chameleons who first passed themselves off as jihadist sympathizersthen by nurses, doctors and patients of the La Paz hospital.

When the investigations advanced, they had to pass themselves off as salesmen of luxury cars, for nightclub booking customers and all kinds of “fauna of the Madrid night”, according to sources from the investigation to CASO ABIERTO, the information and events channel of Prensa Ibérica.

Allah and vaccinations

The Operation Jenner It was born when an Information policeman entered the dark web and contacted French Salafist groups posing as one of them. They offered to travel to France to meet, but the infiltrated police officer replied: “I don’t have a covid passport; I am not vaccinated. Allah does not allow me put anything impure into my body.

They then offered to get him a fake covid passport so he could travel and then referred him to other more secretive groups on Telegram that could even enroll him in the Spanish National Registry of vaccination against coronavirus without having to inject the vaccine.

“At first we thought it was a fraud, but then we saw that there really was a security breach in the system and that it was also undetectable,” sources from the investigation recall.

Two intermediaries, two worlds

The police soon identify two people, two intermediaries that they are offering that possibility of being a fake vaccinated. They both live in Madrid. one is such Alex, former thief with a history of sexual assault and contacts between known robbers and criminals in Madrid. She now works or frequents several nightclubs in the capital.

The other intermediary more glamorous, her name is Irene She is an attractive woman who had been convicted and later pardoned for drug dealing many years ago. The police-chameleons make themselves undetectable so they can keep an eye on her without her noticing. They verify that during the day Irene dedicates herself to sell car insurance but when night falls he goes out to party and meets a lot of people, a lot of fauna of that world, in Madrid and Marbella. He takes care of his body and does not hesitate to resort to plastic surgery.

The police are by her side, day and night, camouflaged, and record her meeting twice a week with a young guy, Mario, whom she knows from Madrid’s nightlife. Then, as stated in the summary of the case, they will discover that in many of those meetings she gives him money and a list of people who should be included as vaccinated against covid without being.

anti-vaccine nurse

And it is that, during the day, Mario works as nursing assistant in the Hospital of La Paz. The police also follow him on social networks and discover that, despite his profession, he is an asset anti-vaccine activist and a denier of covid.

The agents also verify that Mario does not have access to the essential health codes to register patients as vaccinated. Someone is helping him, but they are not the two nurses whose passwords have been used to commit the fraud. In those days, some policemen posing as health workers, with white coats included; others go to the La Paz Hospital as false patientsso he can hang around and try to find out who his accomplice is.

The first times

They check that Mario has some confidence with a nurse. She is assigned to the extraction and vaccination service of the hospital. Mario signs up as her assistant. They become friends. In those, the negationist assistant gets infected with covid and, upon his return, he asks his friend to do him the favor of registering him as vaccinated so that he can continue working at the hospital. She does it, nobody catches them. The health worker also does it with Nuria, Mario’s partner and with another couple of friends. He uses his personal keys. Nobody suspects.

Mario then tells him that they can make money with it. He explains that he has a friend, Irene, who would pay them one hundred euros for each person they register in the vaccination registry. It’s a bargain. Police investigations estimate that, in just four months, from the end of September 2021 to January 2022, they earned eighty or ninety thousand euros each.

The nurse from La Paz agreed to participate for money. She began to frequent expensive restaurants and bought a minivan. Her boyfriend bought another new car and a motorcycle

The nurse agrees; in fact, while the camouflaged policemen are at her side, like fake patients or foreigner clueless in search of leisure and gastronomy in Madrid, she changes her rhythm and her way of life. He begins to frequent expensive restaurants and buys a minivan. His boyfriend buys another car and a motorcycle.

The agents who have become Mario’s shadow, for their part, verify that every week he goes to a shopping center in Madrid and there he exchanges part of the money he has obtained for invest it in cryptocurrencies.

Christmas is coming. Customers come from everywhere. The singer Omar Montes, the actress Verónica Echegui, the businessman Trinity Casanova… The nurse thinks that she cannot continue using her personal password to register more false vaccinated and decides to take advantage of a security flaw in the system. Like her, all the toilets who have signed up as volunteers to vaccinate against covid at the La Paz Hospital appear on a sheet of paper with their names, ID and signatures.

The keys

The health worker, who will later be arrested, photographs the sheets and tests to see if any of her colleagues keep the username and generic password that they have been given to all (Temporary 01 Y change 01) with the advice to change and customize them. Two nurses have not and keep the old keys. She uses them and begins massively enrolling fake vaccinated with those generic passwords.

For days, the police check on the ground how the nurse stays every afternoon, at the end of the day, sitting at her computer, entering more names. But she also gets covid and you have to unsubscribe during the 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

The machinery must not stop and the infiltrated police officers such as nurses and staff at the La Paz Hospital verify that the woman continues to go there, even while on leave due to coronavirus. Of course, those days she only enters the hospital library, almost always empty, and from there she continues to register false vaccinated for the plot. Agents see that sick with covid, spends more than three hours every day on that task.

One hundred euros per person

The brain of the plot, Irene, has earned a lot of money in four months. Between 180,000 and 200,000 euros according to the sources consulted by OPEN CASE. She normally charged around 250 euros for each fake vaccinated, of which he paid only 100 to the toilets. Some of the “vips” clients came to pay 1,600 euros because the price was rising as more and more intermediaries participated, according to sources in the case.

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One day a program Telecinco issues a report TV news about fake covid passports and vaccine deals on the internet black market. The nurse and Mario get scared and think about leaving him. Irene then gives them an argument that is difficult to reject: in the plot, she assures them, there are celebrities, criminals, terrorists, drug dealers, there are also TV presenters. The toilets decide to continue collaborating.

Finally, the Provincial Information Brigade of the National Police in Madrid arrested 15 people. Mario and the nurse acknowledge their involvement in the plot. There are 2,200 people falsely registered in the Registry, the majority are residents of Madrid, but there are also dozens of people residing in Catalonia and Marbella that they did not even need to travel to appear as vaccinated. The first keys included them as immunized in the Hospital of La Paz; then, with a certain criminal logic, the plot stated that they were vaccinated at Isabel Zendal Hospitalthe one created to fight the pandemic.

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