Ninja will participate in the next Dr Disrespect Fortnite tournament

Looks like no-build mode has given new life to Fortnite. And it is that, since it came out, tournaments and events do not stop happening. The last of them has been organized by someone who, a priori, we did not expect: Dr Disrespect.

The event will take place the next day may 27th and it will be disputed in couples. Players will earn points for each elimination they achieve. The prize for the winners will be 100,000a figure that, truth be told, is more than succulent for anyone.

Among the tournament participants we find names that are on everyone’s lips right now, such as DrLupo, TimTheTatman or CouRage. But, without a doubt, the star of the event will be Ninja.

No matter how many years go by, if the blue-haired streamer is present at something related to Fortnite, he will be able to steal all eyes. Ninja himself has commented on occasion how much he likes the no-build mode, which is why many already place him as one of the great rivals to beat.

The tournament will be broadcast live on the Dr Disrespect YouTube channelso we can expect that day to be reached quite significant audience peaks. The expectation, of course, is maximum.

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