Minecraft shows on video its next news to change the game


The Wild Update was set to be the biggest event of the year in Minjecraft.

The new big update for Minecraft, the Wild Update, will arrive sometime in 2022, yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, new previews of some of the most outstanding new features of this new version of the Mojang game continue to arrive, such as the new Deep Dark biome and Allay, a very special new mob.

Deep Dark is a new subterranean biome characterized by its darkness, abandoned ancient ruins, and an abundance of a new material known as Sculk that will be used to build numerous new objects. These places will be as beautiful and enigmatic, as dangerous, since it will be the home of the feared Warden, as this teaser advances. They are dangerous enemies that it is better not to meet in the dark, try not to make too much noise.

As for Allay, it is a new creature that you will find imprisoned randomly around the map, if you free it, it will not only follow you as if it were a fairy godmother, will help you find objects. For example, if you give him a certain object, he will go looking for more objects like that in the nearby area. Also he seems to like musicadvance this teaser.

At the moment it is not known when these and other news of the Wild Update will arrive to the players of the public version of Minecraft, but in principle, this new version of the game will arrive in 2022. What will not finally be available are the fireflies, Mojang recently explained that they cause conflict with other protagonists of this new version, the Frogs.

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Minecraft Community Creations

While waiting for the playable news of the Wild Update, a large part of the Minecraft community continues to experiment and do all kinds of impossible constructions, such as making a functional version of Flappy Bird, being able to play basketball or wrap the blanket around your head and create 1.00 new blocks on your own, as a well-known streamer is doing.

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