Maternity clothing: can you discover the baby bump? Here’s how to dress in style in hot weather

Hiding the belly as early as the third month of pregnancy has been the obsession of many women, and for many it still is. But among the many manifestations of inclusiveness and female liberation from stereotypes, there is also that of experiencing pregnancy and changes in the body with pride and without false modesty, and perhaps daring a sexy look like Chiara Ferragni did. The great trend of the moment was launched by Rihanna (who has recently given birth) and Adriana Lima: the pride of showing the baby bump under transparent dresses, decorated with necklaces and chains, or with cut-out cuts on the front. There was one of the first forerunners of the trend Beyoncé in 2017 and, demonstrating that it does not matter if the silhouette is not ‘perfect’, Ashley Graham she has always been proud of her shapes and during her pregnancy she made them more and more evident. A beautiful message in line with the thought body positive.

Maggie Maurer

Maggie Maurer

Over the years, stylists have also been champions of this message of inclusiveness, bringing on the catwalk models in an advanced state of pregnancy such as Maggie Maurer, swaddled in a nude dress with an exposed belly (pictured above), e Adriana Lima who walked for Alexander Wang showing her curves in a dress with a porthole.


Rihanna and the nude look in pregnancy: “That’s why I love to discover the baby bump”

by Alessandra D’Acunto

Pregnancy and the subsequent phase, that is, the one in which many new mothers dedicate themselves to breastfeeding, must be lived with serenity and without fear of the judgments of others, learning to accept a body that can be totally different than in the past.

Style tips

Bianca Balti for Dolce & amp; Gabbana for the fw 2015/2016

Bianca Balti for Dolce & Gabbana for the 2015/2016 fw

To get used to the new shapes, you can also use garments not designed for maternity, but perfect to emphasize the baby bump without forcing: ideal are the midi and empire-style dresses (which highlight the upper part and fall soft underneath), the chemisiers (the chic option, they can be adjusted at will with their belt), with a V-neck (they make the figure very slender), or with a trapezoid (‘Twiggy’ style, a classic that can be combined with leggings).

Other options include long tank top dresses, even tight-fitting (he used them a lot too Gigi Hadid in pregnancy), jumpsuits and overalls (comfortable, practical and elegant). If the temperatures allow it, long jackets and vests to slim the figure, trousers with drawstrings, which do not tighten and can also be worn at a low waist; light oversized shirts or short tops.

And the color? The solid color is ideal, but you can also be daring with small design prints. Among the materials it would be better to privilege the soft and practical ones, not synthetic ones. And above all, focus on clothes that do not follow a trend that is destined to disappear, so that they can be reused even when the baby bump will no longer be there.

Underwear and accessories

For theintimate, on the market there are many modeling shapewear lines, but not constricting, which also help to support the belly. In terms of bra, you can focus on those with wide straps and with underwire, which help to support. If you are about to go to the beach, know that i whole costumes they are the best seller of the season as well as those with laces and strategic cuts, if you like to play with the look.

For accessories: comfortable shoes or with a low heel. Finally, for those who love to dare: body jewels to highlight the belly.

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