Kate Moss: Why Amber Heard made a mistake by mentioning her


The model Kate Moss has become a topic of interest for thousands of users and experts in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, after the actress Aquaman mention the past relationship between Moss and Depp.

According to the legal defense team of Johnny Depp and close sources, they mentioned that the model of British origin and ex-partner of Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, would be called to the stand in court in Fairfax, Virginia through a video link.

This is because on May 5, Amber Heard pointed to Kate Moss as a victim of Johnny Deppas he allegedly attacked her when they were a couple in the 1990s.

However, it is not the first time that actress Amber Heard has mentioned the model, in the 2020 trial in the United Kingdom, Heard recounted that Johnny Depp had pushed Kate Moss down the stairs.

Amber Heard made a mistake mentioning Kate Moss, according to an expert

During the trial, Johnny Depp’s legal team celebrated when Amber Heard brought up Kate Moss. According to The New York Post, the British model was not on the witness list.

However, his mention in the trial would give Depp’s legal team a chance to dispel the rumors about the stairs incident that Amber Heard mentions.

“That is a mistake, bringing up Kate Moss, as it potentially opened the door to bring in a challenge witness,” attorney Mitra Ahouraian revealed to the US newspaper.

It should be remembered that the relationship between Kate Moss and Johnny started in 1994 and ended in 1998, due to the work commitments that the two had. However, their romance was not without scandals, since in 1994, there were reports of an incident at the Hotel Mark in New Yorkwhich ended with the arrest of Johnny Depp.

Despite the fact that the charges were dropped, the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean he had to pay more than two thousand dollars for damages to the Hotel and stay out of any trouble for 6 months, according to People.

So there are still several rumors that need to be clarified around Johnny Depp and the accusations that Amber Heard mentions.


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