Employees return punishment to boss for being late and so they made her pay

  • Employee goes viral by demonstrating how they keep their word to their boss.

  • Punishment for tardies implemented in his workplace is exhibited on TikTok.

  • Users applaud the work environment and tell of their own HR experiences.

Being late for work is something that can happen to anyone at some point in their life.due to agents outside their control, such as vehicular traffic, lack of public transport, weather changes, incidents that hinder the journey or emerging family situations, which any company, head of area, could understand, but the problem starts when employees repeatedly fail to work hours and compliance with the internal regulations generates unwise actions or a punishment on activities and income.

And it is that the industry is in a constant struggle to implement Human Resources (HR) strategies that help improve the mental health of workers and thereby avoid continuous turnover or human discouragement that impacts productivity, but this does not it is always possible when a person is the exception to the norm and, instead of warning of a random inconvenience, dimension the problem and make it a habit.

How does a company manage employee failure? Many HR managers draw erroneous conclusions from the delay of a worker and, when there is no empathy, make unwise decisions that play against the professional and the same employment relationship that exists between both parties.

Boss arrives late and employees apply punishment

With 4 million views and nearly 200 thousand “likes”, estebanherrera26 went viral to show how he made his boss pay for being late.

This, after the woman, whose company she represents is unknown, implemented a new rule among her work team: who arrives late must pay 10 Mexican pesos.

And although the money collected from the workers does not go directly into his pocket, since it is collected until the end of the month and then used for a common good between those who arrived late and those who did not, he never imagined that his peculiar “punishment” would be shared on social networks.

It should be clarified that the TikTok video was published with good intentions and, as far as the employee tells it, to create a bit of humor among his followers and his co-workers, with whom he apparently maintains a healthy relationship.

Esteban Herrera is the protagonist of this story. As shown in the clip, the young man got up very early and came to stand guard at his workplace only to charge his boss for being late, because apparently this practice is also recurrent in her.

With a glass jar, the worker sanctioned his supervisor with the punishment he implemented, so he had no choice but to open his wallet to put his 10 pesos.

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