Dolphin could replace Amber Heard’s Mera in Aquaman 2

Amber Heard’s role as Mera has been reduced and Warner would introduce a new love interest in Aquaman 2

Playing the female lead in the adaptation of DC Comics highest grossing in history is a luxury job, but Amber Heard has faced widespread calls to be replaced as Mere in Aquaman 2 after the public seemed to definitely side with Johnny Depp. The extinct marriage has been locked in a series of bitter and prolonged legal battles for years, and although fans want Depp to rejoin the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbeanthey also want their ex-wife to be expelled from the DCEU.

It seems almost certain that Heard’s screen time has been radically reduced to just just 10 minutes in aquaman and the lost kingdom. That could be the reason why an old rumor has resurfaced on the Internet ensuring that Mera will be replaced by another love interest that could be Dolphin.

Although he really achieved fame on the stage of Aquaman from peter david after to Crisis on Infinite EarthsDolphin really showed up in showcase #79 in 1968, where it was created by Jay Scott Pike. A white-haired human who had been altered by aliens so it could live in the deep sea, was a relatively minor character until Peter David introduced a new version of her years later. She there she became an unconditional ally of Aquaman after he lost his hand in a battle against the villain Charybdis. She soon fell in love with the grim new Arthur Curryan affection that turned into love.

Of course, should public opinion ever swing in favor of Heard again, the studio could always increase her role and reduce the others’ presence in post-production or even shooting new scenes, but right now, at least the plan is is to have Dolphin and perhaps another important female character so that there is not so much focus on Heard’s Mera in Aquaman 2.

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