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  • The Top Gun: Maverick star is still in top form. Tom Cruise’s secret to staying young at 59: the diet and training you can imitate.
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    When the original Top Gun was released in 1986, Tom Cruise was a 24-year-old actor, not the 59-year-old action hero we know today. He even had to be convinced to accept the role, but six Impossible Missions (soon to be eight), two Top Guns and a War of the Worlds later, and Cruise is still active and ready to save the world. He is the great hero of action heroes (here are 8 great stories told by his co-stars), but we have to wonder how he has done so well for so long.

    Is it because of his prodigious cohabitation camp work ethic for Top Gun: Maverick included? A relentless training regimen or is the diet carefully controlled? Well, chances are it’s all of the above, and more. There is not a single thing that keeps Cruise as the last great star of Hollywood. There are multiple secrets behind his youth. And now they’re yours too, if he decides to copy them.

    Interpersonal skills

    “Yes, I’m going to spend two hours with the fans. People are very nice to come, so I want to say hi.” Cruise is famous for spending hours on the red carpet meeting his fans. He is the best example of how he draws strength from both sides, not just from the top down. Thus he keeps his popularity stable despite box office failures and constant rumors about his private life. To achieve the same social and professional resiliency, you have to think outside the box, says Justin Jeffreys, account manager at the Taylor Herring advertising agency.

    “Working with people from the lower echelons ensures you get what you need while building a power base at the same time.” Talk to the stranger at the bachelor party, pitch your ideas to the office juniors, get insider information from the secretaries. “Communicating from top to bottom flatters the former and your roundest knowledge will impress the latter.” Cruise does the same thing in interviews: even during the Oprah Winfrey show debacle he often addressed the studio audience directly. He just tries not to mess up the furniture.

    work ethic

    “Did you learn a little German for the role?” And Cruise replies: “I learned German.”

    That was for Valkyrie. For The Color of Money, Cruise played pool 12 hours a day to prepare. “Being super-informed confers a subtle confidence,” says professional strategist and consultant Sherridan Hughes. “Everyone else will feel comfortable working with you and for you. You are more flexible and adaptable than your peers because no matter what happens, you have it covered”. Every week that you can, spend 96 minutes on research every Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 9 a.m.: studies have shown that these are the most productive times and the ones in which the most information is retained.

    “Generate screening cards for the topics that matter most to your business, and add digestible bullet points to them that you can refer to at key moments. “This will keep your brain space clear,” adds Hughes. “A good rule of thumb: Research something as if you were going to do a first 20-minute interview about it. This way you’ll avoid going too deep, but you’ll cover the basics.” He Thinks of Rain Man in a hurry.

    Tom Cruise’s body

    When asked how he stays young, Cruise replied: “Sea kayaking, caving… fencing, treadmill, weights… rock climbing, hiking… jogging… I do a lot of different activities.”

    Cruise not only has the body of a man half his age: he moves like one (remember that fight scene from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?) Variety is the secret for those of us David Beckham doesn’t like. he is a training partner. “The way we move conveys energy and youth, not how hunky we are,” says Anne Elliott, a sports scientist at Middlesex University.

    “Regularly swapping out cardio and strength work with something like fencing or rock climbing – like Cruise – maintains flexibility and balance: the first two things that tell you your age”. Incorporate unusual practices into your training, such as one-arm barbell presses: they will help you discover your physical weak points. work on them, which will allow you to maintain a more youthful body overall.

    Tom Cruise’s style

    Like his body, Cruise maintains a boyish style without ever seeming to dress too young. She continues to appear regularly on best dressed lists.

    His style choices identify Cruise as “well dressed,” rather than “short,” says Alan Au of Beverly Hills’ Jimmy Au’s menswear, a popular hangout for Cruise’s stylist. “The correct fit conveys power and shows that you have accepted who you are, physically. Cruise always wears a well-tailored coat (no lapels too big, not too small) whether it’s dressy or casual, and his “relaxed” clothes are loose enough (too baggy looks worn).

    Avoid boxy cuts and styles and draw attention to the face and chest with a lighter top. Make sure only a quarter inch of the sleeve hem is showing on jackets.” Cruise prefers turtlenecks, and Au agrees they work, “but avoid thicker styles. Three-quarter necks are best. They are shorter and give the same effect, but they leave your neck.”

    Tom Cruise’s mentality

    “I don’t invalidate it when I can’t do something… I say, ‘This is interesting,’ and get on with it. That’s where you get your energy from.”

    Failures don’t bring Cruise down, he uses them to pick up the momentum and discover more of his personal skill set. “Never avoid analyzing why something went wrong: make a list of all the reasons why it did so as soon as you can”says clinical psychologist Dr. Abigael San. It can be about a relationship or a weight loss plan, as well as the movie Vanilla Sky. “Failure leads to inaction. Planning goals as early as possible restores a sense of power and control. If you haven’t gotten a promotion, do your best to find out why.”

    Write notes in a special document or folder on your computer, analyzing everything in detail. “Physically the reasons take us out of the negativity. Now think of three things you can do immediately with this situation.” Give yourself a period of three months to put into practice what comes to mind. “Each little success along the way – a new responsibility at work, a date with someone new – will reframe that initial ‘failure’ as a catalyst for self-development.”

    Tom Cruise’s diet

    According to recent reports, Cruise follows a devised diet consisting of just 1,200 calories, grilled foods, and a notable absence of carbohydrates.

    Doesn’t seem like enough fuel for the ultraactive short pillar, but it’s probably his elixir of youth. Carbohydrates generate insulin, an aging hormone, says nutritional scientist Dr. Paul Clayton, author of Health Defense. “They are converted into glucose molecules in the body, damaging skin and muscle tissues, which leads to aging.” Clayton recommends fermentable carbohydrates, such as legumes, which produce less insulin than digestible carbohydrates, such as grains and potatoes. If you have to eat the cake, do it in one meal; a single surge of insulin is less damaging than a regular carb snack.

    Chronic tissue inflammation also accelerates aging. “Avoid it by cooking at a low temperature (that is, grilling) and increase anti-inflammatory nutrients such as flavonoids (from onions, for example, or citrus), isoflavones (from soy) and beta-glucan 1316 (found in brewer’s yeast supplements)”. And so, Cruise’s youthful appearance will become the center of attention around the world.

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