Dani de la Torre presents ‘Live is Life’ in Valencia

The director Dani de la Torre presented his new film this afternoon at Kinepolis cinemas, Live is Life, an adventure story set in the summer of 1985 and written by novelist Albert Espinosa (Heroes, Green Polseres). The film, which will be released throughout Spain next Friday, June 3, is the third feature film by the Galician director after the excellent reception of The unknown (2015) and the shadow of the law (2018) and his television journey leading the series Unit. Last February, De la Torre was in charge of directing the Goya awards gala that was held at the Palau de les Arts in València.

Taking as a reference the mythical theme of the Austrian band Opus, Live is Life represents the particular tribute of the filmmaker to the films of the 80s, “the same ones that forged my vocation and made me who I am”, and to the legacy of references from that time such as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis or Richard Donner. Starring the young Adrián Baena, Juan Manuel del Pozo, Raúl del Pozo, David Rodríguez and Javier Casellas, the film tells the story of five friends who plan to escape on the night of San Juan in search of a magical flower, which, according to Legend has it, it grows on top of a mountain and can make wishes come true. An adventure that will make them grow through a fascinating path full of action, emotion and hope, and that will leave them with an indelible memory of that summer.

In the words of Dani de la Torre, Live is Life”proposes a return to that colorful, optimistic, luminous aesthetic of 1980s cinema, which marked the boys of my generation so much”. He also highlighted that the film “reclaims freedom, being able to reconnect with people, with nature. This story conveys the feeling of summer, adventure, contact with nature, it’s something magical.”

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