Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are caught together

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner They let themselves be seen walking around the neighborhood very close, which has created many doubts around their followers. There are characters who are meant to be the center of attention and attract comment with whatever they do. The couple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly the protagonist in this regard.

However, now it is another Jennifer who grabs headlines next to Ben. A series of images with her ex-partner, Jennifer Garner, have caused a sensation on social networks. This also allows us to see that not everything we see on the networks is true and sometimes we allow ourselves to be trapped by fragments of reality that become viral.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are captured in a very affectionate way

Ben Affleck and Jennifer GarnerBG004/Bauer-Griffin

Apparently the relationship between Affleck and Jennifer Garner was in an ideal balance and they had even been seen together with J.Lo in the streets of their neighborhood, asking for Halloween. But now it is other photos that are commented on.

In these images Ben and Jennifer Garner are seen as if they were arguing, and the comments were in the sense that they were experiencing a disagreement between the two.

The image that went viral shows the couple walking down a California street. This image was obtained from a short video that also spread through the networks in which Ben is seen gesticulating with his hands in a very lively way while Jennifer looks downcast.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer GarnerBG004/Bauer-Griffin

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