Amber Heard may have sued Depp for her benefit

Entertainment lawyer Richard Marks testified during the trial where Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation, saying he thinks the actress may have thought to benefit from the claim.

IN CONTEXT: Kate Moss, ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp, will testify in the trial against Amber Heard

After this he was asked if he knew of any actresses whose careers improved after coming forward with accusations of domestic abuse against men in Hollywood, he replied that he didn’t know of any and said, “I guess Amber Heard thought her career would improve by bringing this to the public. light. I do not know”.

“I can’t think of any actress who has prevailed, who has been cancelled,” Marks added, commenting that the column “damaged Mr. Depp” and created a “cancellation situation, so to speak.”

According to his experience, the specialist explained that a movie star becomes “the face” of the franchise in which he appears, which is why companies “seek added value, not negativity” and exemplified that ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ is Johnny Depp and vice versa.”

“You wouldn’t want to hire an actor who has negativity…especially in the last five years, with the MeToo movement,” because in the movie business “being accused of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, violence” is not good, especially in family businesses like Disney.

According to him, Heard’s op-ed published his story in a “flagship, so to speak, American news paper,” not a “trade paper,” and the column was “oriented to Hollywood” who received the message “strong and Sure”.

Marks said that in her column Heard “criticized Hollywood” for taking action and thus “turned on the publicity machine” when the column ran close to the release date of Aquaman where she participated.

Marks said that Depp “managed to keep most of his personal life private” before his relationship with Heard and that “what marked him in this business was always his sympathy and consistency … I never heard complaints”, ensuring that he did not participate in the sixth installment of Pirates due to the scandal, something devastating for the actor.

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