A renewed Tom Cruise hope to conquer the box office with the sequel to Top Gun Maverick

By TVN Noticias Newsroom

05/24/2022 – 2:47 PM

Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited sequel to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun: passion and glory (1986), will be released this May 26 in theaters in Panama.

Tom Cruise returns in his Maverick role as the new instructor at the elite pilot academy, Top Gun. Upon arrival he will meet Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller) son of his late Goose wingman, Iceman (Val Kilmer) his old enemy and Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly) a possible new love interest.

Maverick is the nickname with which we met Pete Mitchell in Top Gun (Idols of the air) in 1986. A brave character with extraordinary skills to handle Russian fighters. But also a guy with an excessive ego, a lack of ability to show feelings in public and a first-rate insubordinate.

Now, despite the fact that time has passed, we see him as if the years had not made a dent in him.

Tom Cruise once again becomes the star of the show, standing up to young actors and stealing shots from all of them. And, as more than one can imagine, conquering the most beautiful girl (Jennifer Connelly) of all.

The spectacular thing about this film is that there are no tricks and what you see has no digital retouching. An experience in which Tom Cruise boarded his co-stars and forced them to fly in fighter planes.

What can be expected in the sequel?

In this installment a new generation of pilots will seek to become the best while facing new technologies and drone threats. This film promises to rescue the adrenaline, speed, patriotism and transform it with the new technologies of the moment: many action scenes and aerial feats with little or no CGI.

A premiere delayed by the pandemic

Top Gun: Maverick was going to be released two years ago. But the pandemic arrived and all the plans of Tom Cruise and his team went to waste. Now that the right time has come, Tom Cruise has promoted it as it deserves (at the Cannes Film Festival or arriving at a premiere directing his own helicopter) and everything seems to indicate that it is about that great blockbuster that distributors, producers, exhibitors they hope it will boost a flagging global box office.

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