This was the original ending for Rocky that the producers cut.

That the best cinema in the world (Hollywood) makes and unmakes the ideas in each production is common currency. The artistic quality or the director’s search take a backseat when thinking about the money invested and the possibility that this investment may not be recovered. One of the most striking cases of this is Rocky.

The seventh art is usually very subjective and behind the scenes there is a very well-oiled decision-making process regarding movies. Thus, there were countless examples where the producers got their hands on the script, at any cost. And there are numerous movies that even depict this.

Rocky changed his ending

In this case, Rocky, one of the most iconic films in the history of Hollywood, the one that brought actor Sylvester Stallone to fame, is also a story that had its modifications by the producers. As we know, Stallone was the one who took the script to different production companies, after being rejected by some.

Although the general history of the saga of Rocky was respected, it is said that only 10% of the libretto written by Stallone was not modified. Well, the most important thing that they eliminated, and that substantially changes the way people look at the story, is the end of this film.

In history we know Rocky He refuses to take the bribe from the mafia and fights squarely with Apollo Creed, resisting all rounds of the fight despite the blows received, and closing the heroic defeat with his love, Adrian. This had not been thought of that way by Stallone. The actor had decided that his character would receive the money offered, not fight against Apollo and that way, he would fulfill his girlfriend’s dream and live without financial worries. However, the producers believed that this ending was too pessimistic.

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