They reveal secrets that “hide” the Parque Delta Shopping Center

  • Reveal on TikTok some of the secrets that the Parque Delta Shopping Center “hides”.

  • The published video already has more than two million views and a large number of comments.

A video on TikTok reveals some of the most complex secrets of the Parque Delta Shopping Centerone of the most popular in CDMX.

At this point, talking about TikTok is talking about something that goes beyond being a social network to share short videos; it is, yes, but let’s not forget that it is the social network of the moment.

the last couple of years (2020 and 2021) have definitely been the most fruitful for the ByteDance platform and not only because it already exceeds one billion monthly active users, but also because it has become a showcase for content of all kinds and for any audience.

Today, communication between young people has many technological tools, where social networks play an important role in connecting with other userssomething that brands know well, which is why, for a few years, they have focused their efforts on content creators.

We are almost halfway through 2022, a year in which everything indicates that we are saying goodbye to the most critical moment of the pandemic and we welcome, now, what we have known for the last two years as the “new normality” or, even the post-pandemic era.

Today, consumers are returning en masse to shopping malls or plazas, to large department stores, supermarkets, sporting events, concerts, festivals and more, and, without a doubt, one of the most representative of the City of Mexico for some time now is Parque Delta.

Tiktoker reveals some secrets that Parque Delta “hides”

According to official figures, each year the Parque Delta Shopping Center receives a total of 18 million visitors/consumers, including children, adults and the elderly.

However, according to what a TikTok profile called “The Third Eye” explains, it is also one of the most paranormal squares and one that guards some highly complex secrets.

Originally, reports the tiktoker, what is now known as Parque Delta was the Social Security Park, a baseball stadium that was home to the Red Devils of Mexico, but which also became the temporary morgue after the earthquake that shook the country in the year 1985, for this reason, as the video explains, is that the mall is one of the places that registers the most paranormal activity.


#ParanormalPlaces #paranormalactivity #deltapark #CuriousData #ghosts ?

? The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson

It should be noted that the video already has more than two million views and, in fact, there is another one that specifically talks about the Liverpool store that is located inside Parque Delta.


Video Shared by @charlscuerno Thank you for sharing it with us. #paranormal activity #parquedelta #ghost #girl #paranormal videos @eltercerojopodcast

? Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

And it is that, with all the alliances that it has made with different content creation sites, such as Vimeo, the power and importance of the Chinese social network continues in crescendo.

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