The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes

Money. Love. Tragedy. Cheated. From the hand of the executive producer Elizabeth Merwether, The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes is the story of Elizabeth Holmes (amanda seyfried) and Theranos, an incredible story of ambition and fame gone horribly wrong. How the world’s youngest female billionaire lost everything in the blink of an eye?

Created by Elizabeth Merwetheris starring Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews Y Utkarsh Ambudkar. The series is complete from April 20, 2022 on Disney+.

It’s no secret that the real-life Elizabeth Holmes was recently convicted of various charges, including fraud and deception, but for a while she seemed to be at the forefront of the world of high-tech medicine. She was the inventor of a small box-shaped machine that would replace traditional needle blood tests with a single finger prick. And best of all, she hardly needed blood to be able to do multiple analyzes of the small dose extracted.

That invention was wonderful for many of us who even get dizzy when we see how the blood comes out of our body, and that was the main reason for being revolutionary and creating so much expectation. Unfortunately, neither science nor technology was aligned for this to work, and while there seems to be a mantra in Silicon Valley that you have to pretend something works until you get it off the ground, if what you invent affects your health of people, we are talking about big words.

Holmes raised huge amounts of money from investors, but neither she nor her company were up to the task, which is that not even the departments within her company could communicate with each other, which became apparent too late, when there was neither a good machine nor a good blood test.

Expanding on something we already knew

Perhaps if you are very attentive to the news, this case will go unnoticed, but the documentary filmmaker alex gibney already told us in less than two hours the story of Holmes in The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. Sometimes some specificity is appreciated, since there are not a few occasions that unnecessarily lengthen a movie or a series too much, but for a case like this it was necessary to tell the story in more detail, from the origin to the scam process. of this woman who wanted to change the world.

The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes is based on the ABC News podcast of the same name, with amanda seyfried at the head of the cast, and although it begins in 1995, it quickly takes us to 2001 when Holmes, a senior in high school, helplessly watches as his father loses his job, throwing the family into financial insecurity. This is her turning point in her life, determined to get ahead and nothing and no one will stop her.

An effective montage, like its protagonist

With a clear documentary inspiration, this series resorts on many occasions to statements recorded by Holmes on video in 2017, recounting details that he had kept secret until now. Alternating with these recordings we also have many events that are described and dramatizations of the events. It is a technique that is effective many times, although a linear narrative would not have affected the final result too much.

In a series like this, all the weight falls on the protagonist, and Amanda Seyfried andIt is clearly a casting success, capable of making us forget that we see this actress to feel that we are facing real recreations of what happened. Elizabeth Holmes was a very prominent figure, both inside and outside her company, and she was present in the media for a long time, but she also gave talks, inspiration sessions,… so the task of interpreting her was complex, having many references with which to compare, but that also sometimes works in its favor.

Seyfried he plays Holmes convincingly, with his mannerisms, his looks and, more importantly, his voice. Holmes is known for her very low voice, which led to her questioning if she was real and not just deliberately lowering her voice to appear more professional. In addition, she also made her own recognizable style, in the purest style Steve Jobswhich was one of the greatest sources of inspiration for Holmes, and we see recreated in this series.

A) Yes, Seyfreid gets fully into the skin and mind of Holmes, and is even able to improve the script in the weakest moments, managing to present both the woman and the myth impeccably, dazzled by his performance as he dazzled everyone who cheated the woman behind this scam. Beside Seyfried we have a talented cast, including Naveen Andrews, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Stephen Fry, William H. Macy and many more.

The story of Holmes and his company Theranos is fascinating, and The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes It is an incredible series both for what it tells and how it tells it, with a perfect cast and a suitable rhythm for its 8 episodes.

The Serie The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes It is composed of 8 chapters of between 46-55 minutes each.

Episode 1. I’m in a hurry

Episode 2. Chemiluminescence

Elizabeth brings her fledgling technology to Silicon Valley venture capitalists. In Switzerland, she is forced to make a difficult decision.

Episode 3. Vegetable juice

As Theranos grows rapidly, Elizabeth’s technology falls behind, struggling to keep up, and the board members grow increasingly wary. Sunny considers joining the company.

Episode 4. White Old Men

Elizabeth convinces Walgreens to close the deal and partner with Theranos. Ian tries to find out what’s going on.

Episode 5. The flower of life

As Walgreens’ deadline approaches, Elizabeth and Sunny rack their brains to find a solution to their tech glitches. Ian becomes involved in Elizabeth’s lawsuit against Richard.

Episode 6. Iron Sisters

Tyler Schultz and Erika Cheung discover shocking truths about Elizabeth and the company. Richard and Phyllis work with John Carreyrou to build a case against Elizabeth.

Episode 7. Heroes

Under deep scrutiny, Elizabeth and Sunny go all-or-nothing as a means of protection under the intense scrutiny of the Wall Street Journal. Tyler and Erika face a difficult choice.

Episode 8Lizzy

Elizabeth and Sunny have a rough time amid the backlash from the Wall Street Journal article.

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