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Who doesn’t remember comedy movies like I am made an animal, this body is not mine either Gigolo by accident in Europein which the American Rob Schneider gives life to playful characters devoid of any kind of pose or pretense?

His candid interpretations, as well as his imitations of other characters and his parodies and innumerable appearances in television programs and movies, have been part of our collective imagination for several decades now.

At this point, the film producer and director has also done almost everything in the industry, but one of the things he lacked was making films in another language… Something like taking a leap in the opposite direction from what most actors seek, that is: outside of Hollywood.

That is why Schneider is in Mexico, working precisely on a film called Love is love, in which it is accompaniedr of Mexican actors like Vadhir Dérbez and Adal Ramones, and in which the American not only acts, but also produces and ventures to direct.

So we moved to the recording set of this tape, where the man received us in the way we imagined him: Simple, smiling and devoid of any pose, freely singing some lines from the song “Strawberry Fields Forever” , from The Beatles: “Living it’s easy with eyes close…”

We understand that Love is love is a tape what a manbre has to hider a personal relationship to succeed, is it so?

Rob: I think he rather has to hide it to continue being successful… And this happens at another time in the history of Mexico… 36 years ago. I think it will be interesting.

The actor is now working as producer and director of a film in Spanish, thus taking a leap in the opposite direction from what most actors seek, that is: outside of Hollywood.

Is it a comedy or a drama?

Rob: I think it has a bit of both, because it’s emotional, it has a lot of moments like that, but also funny moments… A lot of ups and downs between emotional and comedy, even a bit of a silly sense of humor… He gets serious but also funny.

Speaking of which, most of your characters tend to be very candid, how do you choose them?

Rob: Out of desperation! No, for example, in this case Patricia (Azarcoya) -his wife and his production partner, who arrives to accompany him in the middle of the talk, at his own request- and I write the characters, but there are always surprises , TRUE?

Patricia: For example, andn is chance
the hea is doing bad, his character in this movie specifically is bad.


Patricia: Why not? To do something different tooIt is necessary for the movie. Acewhat is ityou PEcharacter specifically doesn’t have that good vibrabut it’s still funny anyway, powhy has that fun and playful part that he always likes to have in all his characters, although in this case be the bad guy in the story.

Rob: Yes, it is necessary pnow historyia.

What has been the most difficult part of making this film?

rob:In this film? well sayrigidr, why mi spanish is not so good, pero I’m happy because on the other hand you have in the cint to very talented actors and incredible, like Hernán del Riego, Paulina Dávila, Ricardo, Margalet and Vadhir Derbez, who is insareally talentedvery funnyhilarious… I mean, we knew he was funny and talented, but we cried laughing when we were doing his parts, it’s amazing.
and work with Adal Ramones is inclaughable, for all the timing and the confidence that it gives you, it is simply masterfulayes i was very interestedrlo and I hope the audience enjoys it as much as we do.rivers.

Patricia: Yes, I think it was a very good surprise for Rob to also be able to direct actors in another addition to working with such talented people, and I don’t I mean only peers actnothing, but to everything the teamwhich is also excellentRob is very happy with this experience.

Rob: Totally… This experience has been the most special so far in my career, honestly, because I’ve never experienced anything like this, we have a very good script and I think we all felt that with this film we had the possibility to do something very special, like an opportunity to touch people, make them laugh and make them cry, and that’s unique… At least I’ve never had all that.

“The Mexican sense of humor is very advanced… (this film) was a great challenge”

Rob Schneider

Patricia: Well, I want to mention that, as many know, Rob isa very familiareither with Mexico, saywe love that it is very Mexicanized, but acting in another language is never easy anyway, and he really did a very big effort: He took Spanish classes after lunch, and all the time he was reviewing his lines… Tall my respect and my admiration para him for that such a big effort.

Rob: Thanks, but alsoSo, look: The Mexican sense of humor is something very advanced and it is difficult to get into it, because you have to have the intention, the correct way to appreciate it and then deliver it, so it is difficult, it was a great challenge for us.

Patricia 😛For example, when we start talkingdrthe topic of acting in Spanish we told Rob that there are many people who don’trAmericans who live in Mexico and who, although they have lived their whole lives here, do not pronounce the idiom still fine and nothing happensbut Rob said that he didn’t want to do it like that. He respects both Mexico and a our language that really made a superhuman effort pNow do it right. IEven his Spanish teacher said he spokeI had achieved I knowr very neat with the way of handling the language.

What would be your favorite phrase in Spanish, Rob?

Rob:what a fart, wow!

Patricia: …Speaking neat Spanish

Over the years, Schneider has also stood out for his imitations and parodies of various characters from different eras. From Adolf Hitler to KD Lang, through Jeff Gillooly, Soon-Yi Previn, Emilio Estévez and Peter Lorre.

“His character doesn’t have a good vibe because he’s the bad guy in the story, but he’s still funny because he has that playful side that he likes to have in his characters”

Patricia Azarcoya wife and producer

The occasion in which he attended Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show and appeared dressed as actress Lindsay Lohan is unforgettable, after the latter canceled after a controversial arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

That’s Rob Schneider: A character who doesn’t make too much of his countless successes, or even his likely failures, as happened with the sequel to Deuce Bigalow, which was not well received by critics or the public, and even He earned a Razzie Award for Worst Actor in 2005 for his role in the film.

Speaking of impressions, we asked him about one he supposedly did of Fred Schneider.

“Yes, he is my uncle, but not the same Fred Schneider from the B-52s. He is the Fred Schneider of World War II movies,” he clarifies.

What are Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider?

Rob Schneider is also popular for his multiple appearances in comedies starring his colleague Adam Sandler, including TheWaterboy, from 1998; Grown Ups, from 2010 and there would be halloween, of 2020.

In several of his appearances in Sandler’s films – also including Little Nicky, 50 First Dates, The Longest Yard Y Bedtime Stories– Schneider always utters the phrase: “You can do it!” like a running joke.

In return, Sandler made a cameo appearance with the same line in animal, Schneider, plus Schneider narrated the animated film Eight Crazy Nights, by Sandler.

Their closeness in various projects has been such that when doing a simple search for Rob Schneider on Google, the platform automatically asks: What are they? Adam Sandler Y Rob Schneider? To which the actor replies mischievously:

“Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider have made $800 million dollars… But Sandler has $799… That’s it!”

We share with you that another very popular question among people is: Why Rob S.chneider not it appears in tape They are like children two? To which he replies:

“Ah… Because at that moment Imy wife was waiting for a our
first babyand”.

In addition to his work in film and television, Schneider is dedicated to making podcasts and in his spare time to enjoy his family.

What do you like to do when you’re not acting?

Rob: I don’t know, we do everything… we play with our children, vWe love to play slot machines, we sing

Patricia: Well, you should know that ob sings very well. For that also we are amateurs karaoke at home… The girls like it very much.

What is your greatest success in the karaoke?

Rob (sings): The Bikinaaaa… Or any other song by Luis Miguel.

And so the actor and his wife and producer say goodbye, to continue working on this film that will tentatively see the light at the end of 2022.

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